Sunday, August 2, 2009

How many domes can be activated?

An interesting question here from Westsider:
Question=looking at domes. how many domes can
be successfully activated in any
given fight? Are two domes of the
same school activated by two
different players better than a
single dome?

From everything I've seen you can only have 1 dome activated at any given time. The first time I remember this happening was when I had cast a storm dome in a Malistaire fight and my friend Tara cast her healing dome to see if it would stack. The storm dome went away as did its bonuses.

Most people call these domes "auras" or "bubbles." Kingsisle calls them "global spells." This is actually a very timely question since some of the rules of how these cards act have been recently patched, and a lot of the fan sites still need to update the information on these cards (/wink wiki and central).

Here's the most current (as of 2 August 2009) global spell cards:

I love that the costs of those auras have been reduced. That makes them so much more less painful to actually cast. I bet ice wizards are just overjoyed at the change. Not only did it become less painful to cast for them, but they got a damage boost as well.

So it appears that in PVP that counteracting auras could become a very important event now. I like the changes in those auras, Kingsisle!

Happy Dueling!


Lost said...

Since we are on the topic, I have been wondering, when a global spell has been cast, does it work for all in the battle, including the mobs?

Like if I cast the storm one, will a mob get the +25% boost as well?

stingite said...


The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

There's also an 8th global spell that's only available as a rare treasure card. Here's the URL of a page with a picture of it:

Sierra Starsong said...

I definitely use Balefrost a lot more now than I used to. It's like having an extra blade. I just have to remember not to use it when I'm fighting ice enemies, got myself into trouble that way with the Webwood spiders.