Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday wrap up!

Hey! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Central for wishing me a happy birthday! That was a fun surprise for me when I logged in this morning. KahlanAmnell (aka Fallon Shadowblade) over at central also got me a birthday cake, grizzleheim, and sorting hat icons for my central profile. hehe. YAY!

Also, WOW it was cool to see the comments roll in during the day on my birthday post yesterday here on my blog. I really appreciate the support you guys give me here at The Friendly Necromancer. Blogging for Wizard101 has been an amazing ride so far; you all are a big reason why a couple of my gifts that I got yesterday are so awesome.

Let me explain by showing a few pictures:

My eyes are gripping for the bump as I receive the traditional "bump on the head" from the birthday present by Kyle. Please tell me I'm not alone with the traditional "bump on the head" birthday song. I really hope generations of lionbloods haven't been the only ones bumping people on the head with their birthday presents. (Man, I really should shave . . . it's been a couple weeks now . . . *scratches chin*) Anyway, you can see this is a framed Malistaire poster. I got that from Professor Greyrose many months ago after I did an interview with her. She has a heart of gold. That was around the same time they gave away signed posters to the first 101 people who made grandmaster after Dragonspyre was released I believe. I think I got a left over from that batch. :-)

And this is a framed article from the Beckett Magazine where I was quoted. LOL! I'm officially an uber sentimental geek now. My wife is awesome for framing these for me for my birthday.

This card was hilarious to me. I'm such a big kid that they have to buy me kid cards and scratch out "kid" and replace it with "dad." Amber explained to me that all the dad cards were really dumb. Thanks, Amber!

Besides that I got some shoes and a couple shirts. We had birthday cake. OH! Which reminds me, I need to go have some birthday cake for breakfast!!!




Elijah Stormheart said...

Wow, you were in the magazine? Awesome! Happy Birthday! Too bad for me that my subscription wore out... :(

Stargrace said...

I have the biggest smile on my face looking at you holding that framed article! It's really a surreal experience for me, I have to admit.

I'm so glad you had a fantastic birthday experience!

Anonymous said...

wow, so thats how you look, RUN FOR YOUR LIVE!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

witchwarrior said...

you are really that famous!
My b-day's 2 months from now.
can't wait to see what i get :D

The Deathuber said...

Wow... lol, thank me for starting that thread. xD

Fallon Shadowblade said...

LOL, KahlanAmnell is Fallon Shadowblade from Diary of a Wizard. :) I just never changed my name on central. I mean who could give up the name Kahlan Amnell, you ever read Terry Goodkind?

It looks like you had a WONDERFUL birthday! w00t!

Anonymous said...

hi cassandra, its me, ronan ravenshard :P

Cheats and Crackers said...

Glad you had a good Birthday, Happy Birthday!

Btw, For Kyle and Amber's gear, go with the school only gear, I love mine so much. :P

Anonymous said...

well i started reading this blog around march about a month after i started playing wizard101 and i have to say that thomas, you really inspire me with this blog. I heard about this blog feature on central and if it is what i think it is i think i am going to start a blog of my own. I just wanted you to know that you have inspired me.

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

Actually, it was the first 101 people who were/became Grandmaster that the posters were given to.

Anyways, happy birthday!(again :P)

Jessica said...

Yay happy day for you!

stingite said...

@Elijah: yeah, it was the first Becketts that W101 was featured in.

@Star: awesome. You are a rockstar!

@anon1: /grin

@witchwarrior: LOL. Hey! Hope you get something good!

@death: THANKS!

@Fallon: oh, d'oh! ok, added a note in the article.

@anon2: cassandra! It's Ronan! Would you please say hello to him already!? ;-)

@C&C: that seems to be the consensus!

@Anon3: Awesome! I'm so glad I could help inspire you.

@SDW: a mind like a steel trap! You sir, are the best. All corrected in the article.

@Jessica: /hug