Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Torment of Malistaire (entry to comic contest)

Speaking of Amber Stargem . . . Amber and Kyle went for a quick run at Malistaire yesterday evening. Here is our story.

(You'll probably want to click on that . . . it's a big graphic)

As a side note, this is August 13th . . . the last day to enter Defenders of the Spiral's comic contest! Or maybe not as his blog indicates.

At any rate, Isaiah, that's my entry right there!


Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

Amber got my robe again?!
Man! It took me fice times to get it.

Jessica said...

Ha ha!
And I thought Amber had good luck!
Well, compared to you she has.

Anonymous said...

Friendly, why dont you make a card of yor fir wizard, Digby? i wouldlove to see acard of him. P.s, you rock harder than a rock golem and the band K.I.S.S. Mixed together, and that means something, seriously. Ronan raveshard, lvl 26 mth wizard, on his way to gradmaste ;)

Tesh said...

I'll take that robe...

Fun comic! Wish I had time to make one. *shrug*