Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daily twitter updates?

So it appears our friends at Kingsisle are on fire with Twitter updates. They are apparently shooting them out at one a day since Monday. This is awesome! This, to me, is exactly what I've been hoping would happen at Kingsisle. Each one of these twitters is basically like a press release a day. It's what they should be doing!

Let's take a quick look at these recent twitters:
• Monday = Wizard101: Check out our limited time, 1-year subscription for only $60!

• Tuesday = Wizard101: Did you know Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult plays Wizard101?

• Wednesday = Wizard101: Wizard101 is now on WarCry!

• Thursday (today) = Wizard101: Check out our new Facebook contest on Wizard101 Central and enter to win special prizes!

Monday's twitter is good to hear. The $60 promotion is what I originally signed up under last year. BTW, we're approaching that one year mark for Wizard101. September 2nd was the first day of Wizard101 if I remember right, so that offer comes with perfect timing for those of us who took the $60 offer last year.

Tuesday's twitter is a link to Stargrace's blog. hehe. Tipa at West Karana was so jealous of Stargrace when she found out about Stephanie's talk with Eric Bloom. I follow both of them on twitter. There was definitely some /envy going on.

Wednesday's twitter was a huge BOOM of awesomeness. Have you guys looked through all the great information that Warcry has on our game now? I tried to get Professor Greyrose to offer up some quotes about the Warcry site, but the marketing department at Kingsisle wasn't biting.

Today's promotion is interesting. Basically, from what I'm reading, is that if you're a member of Central, you win . . . as long as more than 25,000 people become new fans of Wizard101 on Facebook. Awesome. More fans = better reward for Central members.

Basically, it's been a fantastic week of twitters for Wizard101 fans. I hope they keep this up! Thanks for all the news, KI!

Happy Dueling!


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