Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where can I find a good life sword?

Got a question here from Ryan DeathHeart:
Question=ok so im looking for a life blade for my
life wizard and my death wizard. the
only prob is, none of my friends are
online at the time i need them. so if you
have life wizard that has life blade
and you remember where it is that
would be great. thanks ;)

Ok, the best lifeblade in the game is locked inside at the top of a grueling tower called the Safehouse. Amber was lucky and got it on her first try. Here's where I posted about it. (Safehouse is in the Drake hatchery btw . . . it's the one with Valeska Redwind at the end)

The second option is to farm the Labyrinth for Zora Steelwielder's Mineblade. That wouldn't be too bad since she's just the second boss in. It does 5 damage less than Redwind's blade, but it's comparable.

The third option is to either buy the wildbranch sword from the bazaar or farm it from Stormfather in Grizzleheim. That does 10 damage less than redwind's blade, but it's also comparable.

Those all give a power pip.

And I think that's it for options on life swords unless you delve into mooshu. In that case you'd be hitting Oyotomi . . . you know, come to think of it, farming oyotomi is much much easier than farming stormfather, and the wildbranch sword and oyotomi's blade are pretty much identical in damage output and stats as far as I can see.

either way you slice it (shhhhwing!), best of luck with farming your life sword!

Happy Dueling!

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