Friday, August 7, 2009

Player Trading Card of the Day--Matthew Willowblossom

Ahh! Today's card of the day is the infamous potroast himself! He's one of the great administrators of our Wikia: Matthew Willowblossom!

Thanks for being my first Myth card, Matthew!

Happy Dueling!


Matthew Willowblossom said...

No problem friendly (you sorta spelled my name willoblossom in the post...) I love the card though! :D

stingite said...

Nuh uh!

*sprinkles magical "w" powder on Willoblossom*

Glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

hey friendly i made a blog you should check it out at :)

stingite said...

Added your blog. Looking forward to what you have to offer, blaze!

Phillip said...

Sweet card