Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Eleemosynary Necromancer


Yeah, I just wanted to say that I've made the decision to remove advertising for the time being. It's something I've struggled with, but to be honest . . . a year's worth of work from advertising on this blog is only worth about 20-30 bucks before taxes and whatnot. This is a labor of love, not money, and I'm not going to fight bad advertising on my site anymore.

I was never in this for the money anyway. All I wanted to do was blog about the game I was playing and do so while keeping who I am and what I stand for in mind. If I was to make any money from advertising, I would have used it to donate to charity.

So go forth with your new word of the day: eleemosynary! I think it'll impress your parents.


Ronan Raveshard. said...

Thats pretty cool that you would donate to charity. Weird, I wanna call you THe Eleemosynarymancer now lol. What charity would you donate to? I would donate to the Children's Reading Foundation.

blaze said...

i would go with the pencreotic cancer charity. pencreodic cancer kill's like 25,000 people a year (i think ) and it took the life of my grandapa. i miss him so much :(

da man said...

Hey friendly, I've been reading your blog for awhile and just created a blog so could you add it to the blog roll? Also i want to have a card so could you make me one? I don't have a central account so could i just post my stats here?

Thanks in advance,
Mason Ironhorn

JediRex said...

A charity a charity their are many many. But its great your donating to one! Allso can you ad my blog to the list? My fav charity is to help people have a nice death. LOL

stingite said...

both added!

Benjamin Stormblade said...

i have about wiz101 could you put in your blog roll like the other guys