Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can I beat Wizard101 with two characters?

I have another question here!

username=Boris Lifeblossom
Question=Hi FN;

My parter and I just started playing Wizard
101 and we love it. We're both around level
20. She is a storm/death wizard, and I am life. I
haven't picked a second school yet, but I will
probably go balance.

So far we have beaten every boss and sunken
city, just us two. Will we be able to do the whole
game like this? Can two wizards alone defeat the
hardest boss (Malistaire?)


Hi Boris! First off, great combo. If I were you (a storm and life combo is exactly what I did for my kids' characters), I would go with storm for my secondary and snag the balance traps and blades from Niles in Krok. Storm has a ton of traps in their main line that you can help the storm wizard lay down the pain with. Once the storm wizard gets tempest, you pretty much win the game with that combo. It's a ridiculously awesome spell.

Now for your question, you can take that duo all the way to Malistaire's door, and then you will be stuck. You need three people to open Malistaire's door. Each person stands by a crystal and you all click at the same time to unlock the door to Malistaire. That's the only time you really "need" a third person for your combo.

**UPDATE** Or do you! My long time reader SDW noted that you can use the Mark Your Location feature to quickly teleport one of your duo to the third crystal in time to open the door. Thanks for the tip, SDW!!! **UPDATE**

Now, there are certain fights that will be difficult to do with just two people . . . I'm thinking stormfather in grizzleheim in particular . . . and if they ever release the harder difficulty boss fights as an optional battle again, those will be tough or impossible to do with just two players. But that's just it, those fights are optional.

Other than that, I think you'll be golden! :-)

Happy Dueling!


The Infamouse Super Death Wizard said...

Actually, if you use the teleport marker, you only need 2 if one can teleport to the other crystal fadt enough.

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

Err, fast enough is what I meant :P!

stingite said...

Nice trick, SDW! How long do those crystals give you . . . like 5 seconds?

Boris Wildblossom said...

Wow, thanks for such a quick reply! Glad we made some good school choices (Tipa of West Karana helped!) and the mark-and-teleport trick sounds handy :)

We'll see how far we can get and I'll be documenting our progress on my blog... :)

Oran ShadowWalker said...

The Coven in GH can be beaten by only two wizards. My friend Alexandria Moon who is life and myself Oran ShadowWalker which is Death and Life

Sierra Starsong said...

We beat the Coven with a pair of Grandmasters, Ice and Death, and a few Satyr treasure cards.

We've also done the Malistaire run a couple of times with the marker trick, with a Death GM and a Life wiz in the upper 30s. Just have one partner mark one of the crystals, go turn the other two together, then one teleports back to the mark and hits the other one.

Two's the bare minimum though, there are two doors guarded by ice dragons that both have to be killed in separate battles to unlock them. If one parnter has bad luck the other may need to stall, they take less than a minute to respawn and both have to be gone before it will open.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Sierra, no, You don't have to have two people to do that part. Ironhawk one time did this, (I THINK it was a success) and he just had to kill one REALLY fast and then kill the other REALLY fast.

Cheats and Crackers said...

I'm pretty sure Autumn quit... :(

Destiny DawnRiver said...

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stingite said...

Sounds great!

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