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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spell List

Ice Spells
Fire Spells
Storm Spells
Balance Spells
Death Spells
Life Spells
Myth Spells
Sun Spells
Moon Spells
Star Spells

Happy Dueling!


stingite said...

Originally this post was made because of a question posed to me by Silverheart. She wanted to know where to get her Tempest Spell. I used that as a good excuse to post links to the spells from outside sources.

With the addition of Astral schools of magic and with the fact that Wikia and Central are merging in the near future, I just simplified things and did away with all the extra words.

Hope that helps you find what you're looking for!

Jacob said...

HELP!SOS!EMERGENCY! i am a lev 30 necromancer named lucas bearwraith, i saw a novice wizard (lev 8-14 or something like that) use an sun (astral) spell and i thought only people who are in celestia can use those. so i'm looking ALL over for the spells in all of the worlds i can get to (WC,GH,MB,KT) and i can't find anything. it's driving me CRAZY! please help ASAP! thnx.

SorionHex said...

@Jacob in case he still wants to find out. Are you sure it was a Sun spell? There's really no way to know someone has a sun spell unless they cast one of it's cards and it's not a treasure card. Be aware though, my guess is that he was using one of the Mutate Cards that were in game already. Mutate Fire Elf into etc... Mutate Storm Shark into Etc... Those AREN'T Celestia student only spells. Those are just normal enchant cards. Check your treasure cards. I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.

Kieran said...

@Jacob The spell he was probably using was one of the sun spells from Diego the Duelmaster ( Cloak or ??? ) or as Sorion said he might have been using a treasure card.

Anonymous said...

hey, i was looking at the myth spell list and saw you did not have the hp for minotaur minion.i just thought you would like to it is 700.cole redstone,level 38

Anonymous said...

hi i'm a lvl 22 death wiz, courtney nightcaller i think that people shold be able to get other peoples grandmaster spells

Candice said...

HI i say your you tube video of selena gomez perody and i love it it is funny xD

Ashley DJ said...

Hi. I'm a level 26 death wiz, Karic Greenblossom-on my account-and I have some things to say.
@Jacob. That dude was probably using cloak or a treasure card. You can buy those treasure cards at the bazzar and get cloak from Diego.
@Candace. Why did you suddenly change the topic to Selena Gomez? I don't really like her because one of my classmates is addicted to her and I hate that particular classmate.

Anonymous said...

Hey where do i find the spell of the week on your website, all i can find is previous posts and entries about previous spells.

Anonymous said...

i am lvl twenty two myth wizard. but i have trouble fighting storm bosses with my spells of myth! what do i do? >_<

Anonymous said...

yo hey yo and lol have fun out there yo!

Cody Winterbane said...

I think he used cloak from dueling Diego(I use it myself and I am Lvl.10)
P.S. Try to find me in the commons in January(It will be my birthday).

Anonymous said...

That would mess up the pvp world and the game it will be no fun

Jonathan Ashshard said...

have a polymorphic descriptors. So awesome!!!!!! Haven't used it yet, but I'm good at PvP.>

Samantha Nightriver said...

For the lv.22 myth who can't fight storms, yuck, I understand a lot. I'm a lv.30 life, and death bosses are everywhere. The best advice I can give you is to get as many training points as possible and spend them on a school that is not myth or storm. I chose balance as my secondary school because there are minimal ways to resist it. Here's another faster way: I know the reson you can't defeat them is because they have myth sheilds. Try saving up lots of pips. Then, use a 1 pip myth spell (blood bat) or a 0 pip one to break the shield. On the next round, use a higher spell (such as humungofrog or cyclops) to take them out now that they don't have a sheild. You will find that dueling storms will be easy in the end because using the opposite school attack card will do extra damage. I use this trick soooo much for myself since the most common boss is a death boss, the opposite of me. Good luck!