Friday, August 28, 2009

KingsIsle is now hiring! What do you think that means?

I’ve talked about it appearing as if KI was in a hiring freeze before, but that looks to have changed. Bad economy? What bad economy?

Go click here to see KI’s job availabilities.

Eight new positions available (as of 28 August 2009):
- Associate Programmer
- Lead Artist
- Senior Producer/Producer
- Lead/Senior Designer
- Senior 2D/3D Artist
- 2D/3D Artist
- Associate 2D/3D Artist
- Game Designer

What does that mean to us? Part of me is thinking that it means (and this is just theory mind you) that the second project is getting close to beta, and they need to start on a third project. All conjecture. Don’t quote me on that. But . . . 4 artists, 2 designers, a producer, and a programmer? That sounds like fresh start to me. Of course, they did just cut 13 people last November.

Best of luck with your employment endeavors, KI! I hope you find some great people for those jobs.

Anyone else care to venture a guess as to their plans with those new people?

Happy Dueling!


Benjamin Stormblade said...

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Jordan Skullbreaker said...

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JediRex said...

um... what does that have to do with this? KINGSISLE IS HIRING! YAYS!

Tesh said...

It means they need to hire me as a work from home freelancer. ;)

*must update portfolio*