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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Official Goodbye from Homework in a Graveyard

Well, I sent Autumn Duskhunter from the now defunct Homework in a Graveyard blog an e-mail, and I basically said my readers want to know did you quit and should I be scripting up some questions for an exit interview.

Autumn sent back this very kind address to all her fellow bloggers:

"To my friends, and followers of "Homework in a Graveyard",

As you can tell, the Graveyard is no more, This was a calculated measure, whereas I cannot continue to blog about a game I am no longer involved in. Words and ideas can be powerful tools, but a blog is only as good as it's writer, 'Homework', once full of optimism, has slowly sunk into cynical pontification, and self-perpetuating narcissism, in a case deemed terminal.

Unlike TFN, DoaW, and all the other fine blogs out there, who can remain stable and even-tempered, Homework, and myself, are too given to wildly swinging arcs of passionate outburst. There is already more than enough negativity in this world, and I will not allow 'Homework' to languish and become part of that larger sphere. So, I have archived it, and removed it.

It was my first attempt at blogging, and I have met many great people, and learned much. However, I am still on a 'MMO pilgrimage', of sorts, and sadly, W101 is not the 'MMO Home' I hoped it would be.

Do not mourn 'Homework's" passing, I ask of my fellow bloggers no tribute, aside from perhaps a gravestone at Valerian's. If you truly want to 'tribute' Homework, do it by going to every blog you follow, and take a moment to thank the blogger. Blogging is a personal sharing of the individual, so take the time to thank all those who open their lives to you. As for myself, I am withdrawing inwardly, to become, once again, a private gamer.

As Friendly is quick to ask of you, ala Bill & Ted, "Be excellent to each other!". You are part of a special family, one that I was honored to be part of.

Be well.

-Autumn Duskhunter


Thank you Autumn! I will try my best to keep the Tenure for Dworgyn banner raised high for you and may the Penny Dreadful story always be an fond mystery for us all! I just have to say that your ideas and your wit were always appreciated. For the short time that you were writing for us all, thank you . . . well done.

Here's to success in whatever you do, and as always . . . Happy Dueling!


Silverheart said...

Not cool >:(

Anonymous said...

I value her wishes and all but She really could have gave us a heads up about deleting the blog.... Rather than just up and deleting it without our knowledge. Sorry if that sounded rude :p

Cheats and Crackers said...

You were always an incredible blog writer Autumn. Many, many useful things have come from it. Such as your guides on photoshop. Your Story was also very awesome, (I'm taking an educated guess here, I didn't read it, but I'm sure it's good) and you will truly be missed by us all. Thanks for everything Autumn, you were truly a great blogger.

"Thanks for the memories..."

Gavin Spiritcatcher said...

I want Friendly to know I appreciate him. Keep on blogging!

JediRex said...

Autumn Duskrider,

The day you stopped logging on I new something was up. On the Connectx I heard you were on AGAIN! But then you quit "Don don don don" I checked your blog and then my Compter said"Their isn't a blog nammed ""Home Work in the Graveyard"" I was devistated! I went back to checking your blog Friendly and I must say youv'e done a Fantastic job! I must mourn Autumn's passing "Don don don don" But yet at least this inspired ME to get a blog. "The Protective Pyromancer" I must say "ALL YOU BLOGGER'S OUT THEIR DON'T STOP! WE NEED YOU! AUTUMN WAS UNDERSTANDABLE BUT WE NEED YOU!"
-Samuel FireHunter
P.S. "Thanks for the memories" fits this PERFECTLY!

Cheats and Crackers said...

Yeah Jedi, you're right. And heh, felt like song singing...

witchwarrior said...

So long Autumn. Your were a great blogger to our community. We will all deeply miss you.

Cass G.

The Evil Theurgists said...

You where a great blogger and your guide helped me so much and you helped me improve my blog. Thanks for all you have done and you will be missed.

JGoof said...

Hello Autumn, I can understand your decision. I loved your Penny Dreadful stories. You are a great writer. If you ever start blogging again, please let us know.

smvb said...

Oh rats! I had just begun to follow her Penny Dreadful story! Very well written. But I understand when the passion for something is gone, it is very difficult to maintain a consistently high level of quality when writing about it.

Iridian said...

She could have kept her blog so others could read it. The archives don't even have very much stuff. Oh well...

Christina IceDreamer said...

It was a great blog. Took a lot of intestinal fortitude (aka "guts") to come to the decision she did about ending the blog because she wasn't playing the game. She is a great writer. I hope she finds an MMO "home" and establishes a permanent blog - doesn't even have to be about gaming, it's just that her creativity and writing skills should be shared!