Sunday, August 16, 2009

The I-didn't-make-the-Meet-and-Greet photos!

So, I was 30 minutes late to the Meet and Greet because I was off soaking up the sun and splashing down water slides with Amber and Kyle . . . and I missed it entirely.

Since I usually avoid logging on Thomas Lionblood because of the innate fear of the possible swarm that could form around me, I decided what-the-hey and just ran around helping people, meeting people that wanted to meet me, and checking out houses.

Here's a quick screen tour of yesterday:

Ronan definitely was earning points here! It was good to meet a long time reader of the blog. He even took me to his house to show a little tribute he had built for me. aww!

Our Terminuses . . . or would that be Termini? . . . needed to talk.

Somtimes friendly just comes to dance for you. That is, after all, my best spell.

Caroline DreamStone showed me her most awesome statue that I immediately fell in love with; although, I'd hate to farm the Labyrinth for it. (/sigh Labyrinth)

I was pleased to hear that the message to give Cassandra a dogpile was not missed! I'm just sorry I wasn't there to instigate it. I did run into Cassandra post-party though as she was farming for a blade from Avalanche. I was helping and had a discussion with Avalanche about this, and Cassandra has now immortalized it with her MS paint skrillz.

And finally, I found this in Amber Stargem's house. Eww!

So, sorry I didn't make it to the meet and greet, but it was good to see a bunch of you after the fact!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

How did the dung taste friendly? i bet it tasted very, um elephanty? (is that evn a word?) ronan, 1# fan since the start, YES! I MADE IT ONTO HIS BLOG! now i may die in happyness. but when i die, let fiendly do the honors!

Anonymous said...

If you need hlp with eh hem, convincing the bosses to give you the statue, I would be more than happy to help, signed, of course, Ronan Ravenhard, 1# fan sincethe start, boy, do i like saying that! 1# fan since the start, sinc the sart, tart, start, ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO FRIENDLY ROCKS ECHO ECHO

Harold Argleston said...

OH, so THAT's what it was! It eventually broke out into a pet contest. I just teleported to a random friend who said he's been wandering to the death school and found a huge party thingamajig :O Wow.

Jessica said...

Good for you!
I stayed for most of the meet and greet (in fact, I was 40 minutes early!). I had to go afterwords.

drewenglund said...

actually the great and meet lasted until 11 o clock at least. i was there at the beginning then i logged back on. i wonder if you were surely in vampire area 1

stingite said...

Oh! I logged in and a number of people told me that it was over already. that's weird.



witchwarrior said...

Glad you're happy, Tom. Ronan tackled me multiple times.

As for the blade, still not getting it. Avalanche is not gettingthe words you gave him

Anonymous said...

Yep, i did, mostly because i saw 4,000,000 god in her pocket. /shrug