Sunday, August 2, 2009

Any more keyboard shortcut tips for Wizard101?

Haha! I love this question from Christina IceDreamer:
Question=Feeling a bit dopey.
Saw in your blog entry on Friday that
if you hit "R" that you can reply in
chat? Any more tips for we Gen Xers to
help us stay no more than three steps
behind our kids in the game? :-)

Awesome! Glad that little tip helped.

The best place to find a list of these shortcuts is in the players guide at Click here!

I'm gonna copy and paste them here as well for ya:

A -- Move Left
B -- Open/Close Backpack
C -- Open/Close Character Screen
D -- Move Right
F -- Open/Close Friends Panel
J -- Open/Close Crafting Panel
L -- Open/Close PvP Panel while in Line for PvP
M -- Open/Close Map
N -- Turn On/Off Navigation Bubbles
O -- Open/Close Open Chat Window
P -- Open/Close Card Pack
Q -- Open/Close Quest Journal
R -- Reply to last direct text message.
S -- Move Backwards
T -- Turn On/Off Quest Tracker *new*
U -- Open/Close Housing Inventory
W -- Move Forwards
X -- Interact
Up Arrow -- Move Forwards
Left Arrow -- Move Left
Right Arrow -- Move Right
Down Arrow -- Move Backwards
Num Lock -- Autorun
Esc -- Open/Close Options Panel
Enter -- Start Text Chat
Space -- Jump
Home -- Go to your Home
End -- Go to the Common Area for current World
Page Down -- Set Marker
Page Up -- Recall to Marker
Prnt Scrn -- Save Screenshot to your "KingsIsle EntertainmentWizard101Bin" folder
Alt-F4 -- Exit Wizard101
Ctrl-G -- Turn on/off Screen Icons
Ctrl-K -- Swap Card Decks when not in a Duel *updated*
Ctrl-O -- Use Potion when not in a Duel
Ctrl-R -- Autorun
Ctrl-Shift-N -- Show/Hide Name Tags
Ctrl-Shift-Q -- Set Quest Helper to Nearest Quest
Shift-M -- Open/Close World Map

. . . now, just to go beyond this list a little bit no matter the game. I think you should know about a little thing that's going to help you manuever your character a little bit better. I've got into the habit with these games of putting my hands in this position:

I got into that habit from strafing in first person games. Strafing is when you hold down your right mouse button and move it left and right while pressing your arrow keys--usually to the left and to the right. Unfortunately this game doesn't allow you to do a true strafe where your character can run sideways. However, pressing the up arrow key while holding down your right mouse button does allow you to have a bit more maneuverability over simply pressing forward, left, right, backward. I prefer the arrow keys over WASD myself because I just find it too easy to miskey using the WASD keys. Ctrl+R is your friend on long runs . . . if you're not careful though, you can end up in a fight really easily.

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

I love to use those shortcuts.I have a laptop(and I'm sitting on a sofa) So I hate to use my mouse. But thats alot more info! I didn't know all of that!(Oh and you have hairy arms(sarcastic comment))

Anonymous said...

LOL jessica i agree with that last part ( jk Friendly ) and i LOVE the curious george mousepad! :D

stingite said...

LOL Kyle needed to be up at a higher angle when he took that picture so as not to make my arms appear so chaka from Land of the Lost.

Lost said...

I actually prefer the wasd keys, instead of the arrow keys, since I am on a laptop. Makes for easy clicking of the lappy mouse pad, while running or doing something else.

stingite said...

yeah, a lot of people prefer WASD. I should probably go back into my post and modify that a bit to say something like, whichever is easier for you . . .

stingite said...

of course, that would require two pictures of my hairy arms . . .

The Deathuber said...

Jessica's right about the hairy arms part. xD I don't use those shortcuts cause my hands are small and flexible xD