Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Molly and Bailey Enter Krokotopia! Amber gets her Dagger! Unicorns!

I have a uni-rific graphic to celebrate the defeat of Lord Nightshade and the entrance to Krokotopia for Molly and Bailey!

(click to make bigger!)

They've actually been in there for a week, but I'm just now getting around to updates on what's actually been going on in game.

It's been interesting explaining to my wife how blades and converts work. I think she gets it now. She still has a hard time understanding DoTs because she's not looking at the mob's health go down with each round. But, I think I showed her how it's working. We also bought bailey a necklace with fire trap on it, so she's starting to get set to do some major damage. I think she loves the power of Sunbird on her character.

And of course I'm MOLLY! MOLLY EAAAAARTHSONG! (said in a high-pitched English Accent of course) I've been playing the healer for the group for the most part. Yes, I know I've already played a healer up, but this healer is going to be on Kyle's account instead of on Thomas Lionblood's account. That'll be nice won't it? A healer on both accounts? I think so.

OH . . . and in other character news, Amber received her Gurtok dagger! Gratz!

Unicorns, of course, were not used in this battle . . . I just like the unicorn sticker tile background today. Deal with my unicorn obsession, m'kay?

Happy Dueling!


Ronan Ravenshard said...

I love Unicorns too! :D Unicorn party a thomas's house!

Ronan Raveshard. said...

Hi thomas. I'm In the Blog - o Sphere now. If you could, Coud you add me to your blogroll? P.S. that other comment was my test blog.

Jessica said...

HA HA! Awesome!!

Sierra Starsong said...

My recent post on DOT spells might help Mrs. Friendly get the hang of them.