Monday, August 10, 2009

Seven hour duel?

KI, you know you have a problem when a member of the winning team complains. Yup, That's a clear indication you have a BIG problem.

Let that be a warning to you all to not do 4v4 PVP until KI fixes that problem. I know most matches don't go 7 hours, but I suggest banning it for the time being. Actually, anything over an hour or two is incredibly harsh, don't you think?

Readers, please let common sense prevail and just give up in that situation--just flee. Your time in your life is worth so much more than the rank you'll lose. You'll never get that time back. Please do something more productive.

It's good to see a lot of the things listed on this old PVP dirty laundry list have been addressed. KI just needs to figure out this button and implement it.

Happy Dueling (just not seven hours of dueling please)


Oran Daygem said...

7 Hours? Wow... and I thought raiding in other MMOs was ridiculously long! :)

Quantize said...

Yeah I had a 5 hour match the other day. It was a 1v1. Life vs. Life. We both had unlimited reshuffles. Wooo FUN, not.

Tesh said...

Yeah, that's pretty messed up. Seems to me that there should be a time limit on these things. I'd say 30 minutes, tops. (Or you could go with a Chess timer notion; give each player *max* ten minutes of "play" time, and cut things off when one player either dies or gets a "time out" violation.)

Outstanding Allen said...

i had a 4 hour match, i agree i should have fled but i didnt

Cap'n John said...

I posted on the W101 Forum. My suggestions were to either implement a forced 5-minute break with a Ready-check (after 5 minutes) every 30 minutes. Failure to click Ready within 5 minutes (i.e. a 10-minute break) sees you ejected from the Duel.

Or just keep a running tally (shown on-screen) of each Team's total damage and after 60 minutes it's Duel Over! with the winning team being that which dealt the most damage. Maybe that's not fair to healer heavy teams, but that's Life for you (pun intended ;)

W101 is supposed to be a kids game. Adding Friends is insanely difficult w/o using Vent or setting up a time & location to meet, and in-game Chat? Don't get me started! IMHO it's irresponsible of KingsIsle to allow duels to run for anything longer than an hour without forcing a break on the players.

As Helen Lovejoy says, "Won't somebody please think of the children!" ;)