Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Answering a bunch of Wizard101 questions to try and catch up

This one comes from Toby:
"I have ben trying to make a blog on wiz101. but formatting i really dont understand. i noticed that your is well formatted. how do you do it?"

Magic. It all involves braving that Design tab and knowing a little HTML so you can modify the design of your blog. There are a number of blogs that talk about this kind of web designing stuffs. Here's one that's incredibly laden with laggy advertising: The Blog Doctor. If there's a way to modify your blog, this guy has a tip . . . just don't use them all or you'll end up laggy like his site.

Once you start Googling a few things, you'll start to find that there are a lot more awesome looking blogs out there than mine.


Couple questions from Thomas Goldshade:
1. Do you have any hints on getting the gear that I want for my characters? Whether it's Bazaar sniping or farming.
2. There is a building(sorry, no pictures) in the Shopping District in Wizard City that has it's lights on but you can't enter it. It's right across from the deck shop and the castle shop and next to the ring shop. Any idea why it's there and inaccessible?
Thanks a lot for answering and even thanks having a blog!
1. I guess it all depends on what gear you want! Most of the level 58 gear can be purchased at the Bazaar, and when you hit that level, you most likely have plenty of money to buy it.

An old recommendation, but a good one (oldie but a goodie) is to check Ironhawk's guides as you progress through your levels:


Zachery Firedust also has a Celestia guide.

2. I would go look at this shop, but, you know, Wizard101 is down this morning, so . . . readers?! Any ideas?!


Question from Lauren Frosttail:
Where is Angus now? I would like to know. I am sorry your busy :( busy isn't fun. Sit down and have yourself Ice Cream Brownies and Hot CHocolate! After all, why not? Good luck to you Angus!

Thank you for the brownies and hot chocolate, ma'am!

Angus is in that first area of Mooshu. Once I got past the mountain of Big Ben, I kind of needed a break from Angus. No worries. His adventures will resume soon.


Question from Mac:
Hello friendly! This is Mackenzie Lifebreeze and I have a question about blogging. Blogging. I have been trying to blog but I always FAIL. My goal is to be some type of famous wizard of the spiral like you. So my question is how do I get started out with a good blog? I will look forward to your reply.

Ahhh, dangit. I'm sorry you're not feeling successful with blogging. I think it's a common feeling though. You'll get lots of support from all the Wizard101 bloggers because just like you, they want to do well. Make sure you visit their sites and comment back and forth with everybody, and I'm sure they'll reciprocate.

I have a hard time keeping up with everyone else!

Here's a suggestion that perhaps might help: Find a niche for yourself and see if you can build an audience based around that. I don't know if this is a good example or not, but what if you were the best map maker in the entire Wizard101 community? People would come to your site to see your maps! Stuff like that.

I'm not sure about Fame.

Best of luck!


Brian Titansword from The Necromancer Story has a question:
What gear do Duncan GrimWater and Malorn AshThorn have?

Well, I don't know if you remember my post on if Student Teachers were Grandmasters? If you go to the bazaar, you can usually find the level 45 wands pretty easily. If not, you can always make a low character and push them through the Sunbrand quests in Dragonspyre early to get the class staff since you can do the Sunbrand quest in Dragonspyre at any time as long as you can get there.

The Bazaar is also rich with low level clothing, so you can usually find an outfit to match.

Again, Wizard101 is down this morning or I'd go snap a picture or two for you on the subject . . .


Laruen from three questions ago is back! With another question:

Well I just noticed something- Angus is casting Storm SHarks and Krakens... is he WAYYY over level for where he is? I dont remember my side character storm getting kraken until MB, Centainly not KT. WHat level is Angus now? one more thing- I think MS DS because thats where you will start to take more and more pips to kill something. Goodluck with a low power pip chance!

No, no. He's right on target. Yes, he's been doing all his side quests, but there was no powerleveling or xp potions, or anything else like that going on.

You know, in comparison to some other classes, Storm really gets some powerful spells quite early! By level 22 you have the Kraken spell, which should happen sometime in Krokotopia or Early Marleybone. The only difference I can think of would be that Angus did most if not all of his side quests in Wizard City (including Collossus Boulevard) and Krokotopia. I slacked off in Marleybone because there were just too many side quests, and I got sick of them.

Hope that helps clear up some confusion.


Questions from Alric Wintershield:

how can I get a sheep pet? I seen small little sheep everywhere on mooshu I did not know it was a pet. I seen the other day this girl with a sheep pet her name was olivia i did not take a snapshot of it. I never seen the pet before I look all over central too see it what boss drops it or if it was holiday pet or something. I even ask a question on central on the pet guide and someone responded by saying only VIP wizards can get the sheep pet. I am not sure if he was lying or not which is why I came to ask you directly How or when is it possible for me to get a sheep pet? Does a boss drop it? am I missing something? please answer

Oo! You saw Olivia? Olivia is awesome.

Sigh, yeah, you know, the sheep pet is one of those where the only way to get it is to have Kingsisle directly put it on your account. You can't get it anywhere. You can't even mix and get it.

If you ever see a fake Thomas Lionblood or Kyle Skystaff, ask them to show you the sheep pet to know if they're the real deal or not. They won't be able to do it. I will. That for me is the real benefit of the sheep pet. XD It's an easy way for me to deal with an impostor.

Here's an old post from when Olivia and I got our sheep together to try out some mixing. The result was . . . piggles! Although Professor Greyrose told me the mix should produce a Goat Monk, which isn't much better. ;p Then again, goat monks are pretty sage, yo.

Hope that helps.


Question from Alexander Battleflame:

Thanks so much for adding me to your mmo blogger club!!! I owe you one!! I needed someone to finally get my blog out so I could be popular! Thanks friendly and one quick question in Celestia where do you get the water mole statue?

You're welcome!

I do believe that comes from Gahlwok in The Floating Land. :-)


WHEW . . . Thanks to Wizard101 being down, I actually got through some of those questions. The next hurdle I need to face is this daunting "Check This Out" list in my inbox.

Happy Dueling!


The Overachieving Necromancer said...

Thanks for answering my question! YOU ROCK!

Thomas Goldshade said...

Hey, thanks Friendly. I guess I should have mentioned that I always check with Ironhawk's guides but oh well. Thanks again!

Patrick said...

I USE to have Olivia as a friend, but she removed me :(

Zachary Skywielder said...

i believe that the lights on that particular store in the shopping district aren't actually on, i could be wrong. i think that because so much sky is blocked by the buildings the lights seem to be on in many building, check to make sure there is no faint black border around the edges. And Friendly, kt or early ms! should that be mb or ms or kt and mb?

Stingite said...

@Zach: Yup! thanks for the heads up that I typed that wrong. I meant Marleybone but my hands typed Mooshu. LOL.