Friday, January 21, 2011

What is the "phantom" zone?

Question from Mark Stormhunter:
I've heard rumors that Phantom Zone will be the next world. Do you know anything about it?

Thanks and I'd love to meet you on w101 some time.

Hey Mark, that would be cool. You know, I should throw a party sometime since I've never actually been the host of a party . . . I usually just show up unannounced. ;-)

SO, the mysterious PHANTOM ZONE! Yes, I did some research and I was getting the kookiest answers, like it's the zone you are in when you fight Kagemoosha or that it was some separate instanced zone of Wizard City Commons, so since none of those really sounded right, I went to the supreme answerer of questions, Professor Greyrose.

Her response:
"It's the 'zone' you're in while you play minigames. Because your character is not physically in the game and visible to others while you play minigames, you're in the Phantom zone :)"


Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

If you pay close attention as the game loads (especially after an update) you'll see things like PhantomZone-HotShots go by. Yep, it's the "world" filled with minigames that touches every world in the Spiral.

Blaze Silverfist said...

Yay! I think that spawned from my blog post on 1/15!

Thanks for that info!


Travis emeraldspear said...

hey friendly its me travis emeraldspear!!! i just wanted you to know i created a blog myself and would like to see what you think and advices

Ashley SpiritWeaver said...

YES please hold a party somewhere central time in w101
in a realm and area
i wanna meet you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
it would be cool if you could had it in the hall of the ice forge because its my favorite place in w101!
hope this happens sometime soon!!!

Wolf Winterstaff said...

Actually, the phantom zone is the reason that you can hear your mount make noises while you play a minigame. Once, I saw it when the mingame screen loaded. It's just a black void. You sit there while the game plays, and then go right back once it's over.

dakota silverbane said...

it would be awesome if KI made a world like wizard city but an anti-universe.

joshua lionbane said...

ty for the info, i had been wodering that too :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe a ghost world will be next because Dworgyn said how Skeletal Dragon was the most powerful spell he could teach. I believe this world would have Malistaire in it and he would teach the new death spells. I also believe the same that Sylvia would teach new life spells.

Isaac Mistheart said...

lol you just went all Freakazoid on us. ;)

Anonymous said...

it also makes me think that a world with a "street" zone set in the spirit world like when you are fighting Oni No Death would be cool

Suri Blueflower said...

Rofl! I always wondered what that was when it was loading!

Travis emeraldspear said...

how do you get in the bloggers club?