Monday, January 31, 2011

What is "Kent" in Wizard101?

Autumn has an interesting question
HI friendly while Kieran and I working on my Power Nova, I noticed the dialog of Jared Banks talking about someone from Kent.

Any ideas about Kent???? Pic attached

Ahh Kent. Well, I know that in the real world it's the little area that looks like an alien reaching out to take a bite out of France.

That picture was stolen and modified from Wikipedia, where you can read all about its awesome orchards and hop gardens and its boring cement, papermaking, and aircraft building companies.

So, as far as Wizard101, will the mighty land of Kent be a new location on the spiral? Meh, I don't think so.

-Wizard City



Yeah, it just doesn't have a cool ring to it like the others. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Jared Banks was talking about someone from the actual Kent (since our world is supposedly tied to the spiral), or that Kent is a location in Marleybone that we just don't get to visit. As discussed before, there are locations in Marleybone that are named after actual locations in good ol' London.

Then again, I guess Kent could be a long lost location of the spiral . . . a sister world to Marleybone perhaps? You'd think they'd be more inventive with the name though . . . like Count Kentula or something like that.

I'm afraid of Count Kentula.

Happy Dueling!


Arkenor said...

It's a Clerk from Kent who delivered green crystals. It's a Superman reference!

Anonymous said...

Clerk Kent bringing in a green crystal has to be a reference to Superman.

Anonymous said...

Count Kentula is scary, but know what's scarier?

COUNT CHOCULA! (dramatic music)

Richard Shadowstaff said...

LOL, Count Kentula.. I never noticed that it looks like a weird sea monster about to eat France o_o rock on Friendly!

Megawizard said...

Candy World doesn't exactly have that "ring," either. It very well could be a world, but there's no way that it isn't a Superman reference.

Matt and Mel said...

Kent = KENsingTon Park?? Beats me.

Chase Skullmask said...

Kent is a city in England.