Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Realms Update: 20 Blacksmith / 20 Miner

WAHHHHBAMMM! Back-to-back awesomeness!

Honestly, I can't believe I stared down the hours and hours of those freaking mining games and pulled out a max level on both of those. It's truly a test of endurance there at the end with Mining and Blacksmithing (probably Mining more than Blacksmithing).

For me it really makes sense to complete both of these jobs at the same time since they go hand-in-hand, and it's nice to take a break from the insanity of Mining to have a little different kind of insanity with Blacksmithing . . . just kidding, they both are horrible jobs to finish off after about 17th level.

Of course, the really cool thing when you reach max level with most free realms jobs is that at that point you get to take on an epic quest for some awesome gear or a really cool hammer-drill (remember when I got my brawler epic? no? It was back in September).

For mining you embark upon a quest to mine the rare gems out of a bunch of rich ore deposits that randomly pop up around the world. This isn't too hard to do, but I have to say the Free Realms ZAM Wiki was nice to point me in the right direction.

The bummer about the mining epic quest is that it's bugged. sigh. I didn't get one piece of green gear for my efforts, but you know what . . . I don't care. That green gear doesn't look nearly as nice as the golden shiny "Fully Loaded" gear you get for mining gold ore deposits over and over, so I'm going to consider that my epic quest instead: to get all my gold gear for mining. :-)

The epic quest for Blacksmiths involves crafting the summersaber as far as I can tell. I've just now started to crack into this quest, so I'm not quite sure all it entails.

At least you get to talk to this cute legendary Blacksmith lady. She so doesn't look like a legendary Blacksmith to me . . . but I'll trust her because of those pony tails.

After I finish up my Blacksmith quest, I'm wondering which job is next for Thomas Lionbolt? I definitely want to avoid doing a bunch of bejewelled-esque crafting games for a while, so maybe I'll try my hand at pet training. I have three or four pets at my disposal, so I'm half way there already. ;-)

THOMAS LIONBOLT - 20 Brawler / 20 Card Duelist / 20 Demolition Derby-ist / 20 Miner / 20 Blacksmith at your service!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

This makes me wish for Beastmaster badges in Wizard 101, for endless hours spent hatching and training pets up to Epic.

Thisismeee aka Suri Blueflower :P said...

Dang!!! How the heck do you get to lv20 in Card Dueling!!!! I just don't get how to do it!
Btw, gratz on getting to lv20 in Mining&Blacksmithing!