Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taskmaster Djal? Pheonix Statue? Low Level in Dragonspyre?

Question from Jason Ashweaver:
Hi again Friendly!

I was playing with my MuShu (or however it's spelled) wizard earlier today and I found a couple weird things:

1) I got a pink dandelion drop from Taskmaster Djal in Krokotopia. I know that's a crown item, so is it normal?

2) I went in and this was the Taskmaster's speech:

Whada you think?

Right, so Taskmaster Djal is a boss in the Karanahn Barracks.

There are two ways to fight him, one is to face him with all his Elite guards or the second is to poison his food before you fight him and face him alone. This involves completing the Keys to Freedom ~~ Free at Last ~~ The Awakening ~~ The Betrayer quest line. In that final Betrayer quest, it's important that you actually click on the table to put poison into the guard's food (which is behind Kiwu).

Your mysterious dialog box definitely has something to do with this part of the quest. I'm imagining that if you don't poison the food, then this is what you get . . . kind of like a hint you should poison the food?

As for the pink dandelions . . . oh yeah, these totally drop like candy in Krokotopia. Angus picked up a ton of Pink Dandelion while he was finishing Krokotopia. It's a great plant because of all the black pearl harvests from it. Enjoy your new plant!


Question from Alexander Battleflame:
I was watching a video and someone had a phoenix statue I'm guessing this is a drop from dragonsyre where is it?

Hmmm, the closest I can guess right now is the Wyrmkin statue, which drops from Andor Bristleback in the Labyrinth in Dragonspyre.


Question from Evan Shadow:
Hiya, this is Evan Shadow, with my first post/question on this blog.

So, what's up with your new clothes, although I've gotta admit that there are now a LOT more lvl58+ so lots more people have them.

Now, my real question is- I've just started Dragonspyre. I'm in Mirkholm Keep (GH), and not really a side quest person (although I'm savior of wiz city) Should I have my lvl42 spell by now? If so, how will I get to lvl42?! I'm only lvl39 :-(

Ps- I'm school of ice.

Heya Evan! I've actually already answered this question for someone (a fire wizard).

The advice remains pretty much the same except for Number 2 on the list of considerations: that isn't the case anymore since they removed the requirements to be level 50 to enter Celestia.

The girl I answered that question for decided to level to 40 and do her mossback quest before proceeding. I think that was wise.

As for being an ice wizard in Dragonspyre . . . if you don't have a pet with the Dragonblade card, you really should consider getting one as an ice wizard so you can double blade (or triple blade with elemental blade) or travel with a balance wizard companion. Don't forget the power of your balefrost aura, you're going to be rockin' against all those fire mobs in Dragonspyre. Remember to pack plenty of frostbite and blizzard spells for damage, and do what you're best at . . . Defense. :)

Happy Dueling!


mattgreen said...

"As for being an ice wizard in Dragonspyre . . ."

My daughter, Amber Ravenhaven, played an Ice Wizard through Dragonspyre and got great use from the 2 spell Ice Trap amulet as they stack with standard traps. Depending on your play style you might want to try Amulet of Feint and taking Death school to Feint, as they stack too.

The other thing to suggest is a piece of gear with a critical hit chance. Amber one-shot Malistaire for 10080 damage with a double feinted, double bladed critical hit from a Colossus.

Unfortunately, the entire Ravenhaven family were too shocked to screen shot it! Great way to end Dragonspyre though :)

Carlos Ravenhaven

M.W.S said...

Off-topic but your header is awesome.

A rich necromancer prince lol sort of reminding me of Hades god of the underworld & precious metals there.

dakota silverbane said...

Being an ice wizard you should get as high health as you can get so you withstand the enemies attacks while you use blades and traps. when you get in deep trouble dont attack. either heal, or save up pips for ice armour.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Also, make sure to check out resources on the crafted Ice Blade Amulet. If you can look at the ingredients/reagents ahead of time and try to collect them in your journey from 1-50, you should have another useful item in your collection for Celestia!