Sunday, January 16, 2011

Four Questions from Four Wizards (not at all like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)

It's a question from Blaze Firesword:
Well first off let me say that your blog is the best!!!! Second I wanted to ask how is your progress with translating the tunnel in celestia. It has been some time since you first posted about it. I forgot about it too but I remembered about it when I was flipping through some of your older posts and if you forgot, well now you remember.

Sincerely, Blaze Firesword.
A huge fan of your blog. (and not the kind that blows air).

LOL. Hey, hairdryers have saved me once before, you know! ;-)

You know what . . . I gave up on any translation work because Kevin Battleblood let me know that it's already been done. Yup, he just took the wind right out of me. Thanks a lot Kevin *look of disgust*. Just kidding about the *look of disgust*. But seriously, there's no need for me to re-invent the wheel.

Thanks for remembering about it, though!

Here's the link to all the celestian translations.


Cole Moontamer has an interesting insight:
Hey friendly, i am Cole Moontamer lvl 31 fire. i have to ask about a strange spell that a life minion cast that I saw in MB. It is death, called Life bane and costs 3 pips. (sorry, no screens.) It looks like a death trap with the leaf symbol on it. i'm not sure but i think that the effect was something about dispelling, but why would a life minion want to dispell its own spells? Maybe it comes from a hidden trainer in mooshu...

Yeah, it appears all the minions got a little upgrade when Celestia came out and now they can cast a few cool spells that they weren't able to cast before . . . at least that's what this thread is telling me over on Central when Omega97 noticed the same thing. :-) AND, this thread from Austin lists all the minion upgrades.

AFAIK You can't train this spell, but there might just be a teeny tiny uber miniscule chance of a lifebane treasure card dropping from Yakedo or somewhere in Briskbreeze tower, but that's all rumor and here say as far as I'm concerned. Screenshot or it didn't happen people. ;-)


Here's a question about a Storm Staff from a Firesword:
Hey this is Jack Firesword (life) and I was over in the library when i saw Boris TallStaff. It reminded me of what you said about the other student wizards in Wizard City. So i was wondering if you could help me out because i have never seen that wand before. Any ideas?
-Jack Firesword

Yup, that is the level 45 wand called the "Lightning Rod." There's 100 of them for sale at the Bazaar at the moment.


Here's one from Alexander Battleflame:
Will you have any contests soon??

Not really planning one soon, but you never know when inspiration will strike! Keep checking back!

It looks like the winners from Boogie Woman's Babble last night were the following people:

Tristan Lightbright
Honorary Detective
and Joshua

Gratz people! When the Boogie Woman herself wakes up, I'll have her make a post about it. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Unknown said...

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dakota silverbane said...

the translation say a lot about the stars being their guide and stuff like that. maybe we should put together the stars from the stellarium and see what kind of picture we get? or maybe it's hinting a new world? and also do you know anybody that has translated any of the symbols in grizzleheim? i can't find anyone with them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friendly,
I have terrible news! KI has just released that the Red Gobbler, Pale Maiden, Ninja Pig costume and Barbarian outfit will be removed soon, so we gotta get them before they're gone FOREVER!