Sunday, January 9, 2011

Space Area? And what about Briskbreeze?

I got an e-mail from Seth Hunter, and he wants to say something and has a question:
i believe the next area will be SPACE
i got a question why havent they expanded the briskbreeze thing?
You didn't hear, Seth? They already did that, it's called Star Trek Online, the pre-quest was called Anarchy Online, and the pre-pre quest is called Eve Online. What really hurt was when they cancelled the Tabula Rasa expansion on us. GAH!

OK, none of that was Kingsisle.

In all seriousness though, Celestia seems to have some space elements in it already. District of the Stars looks very "space-ish." If they were to explore some kind of space expansion, then I would love it to have cool little planets like on Mario Galaxy that you can jump from planet to planet on.

picture comes from Super Mario Galaxy wiki.

Personally, I'm hoping for a hive world or at least a hive zone. We've been introduced to Morganthe's evil helpers the Shadow Weavers, right? I think we need to go bust up their hive!

As for Briskbreeze . . . I don't know?!?!? Something sinister was supposed to happen out of Krokotopia and it never happened? Has Kingsisle forgotten this while they were busy with Advanced Pets, Celestia, and Gardening?

(most likely, yes.)

It is really hard to have to hang on to a cliffhanger like that for a year and a half, right? How hard could it be to throw another tower in somewhere like Krokotopia anyway? ;-) I'm sure designing / programming / drawing / implementing / marketing / quality checking / whateverelse some of the cheating boss fights is much more difficult that it appears on the outside.

It'd be awesome to see the Briskbreeze story line resurface, and I hope it does.

Thanks, Seth!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the theme for the next world should revolve around snow and ice. Dragonspyre is a land of lava under the control of the Dragon Titan, and Celestia was flooded by the Storm Titan, so now we need a world that has been frozen over by an Ice Titan, therefore completing the Elemental triangle.

Anonymous said...

has anyone else noticed that the storm card wild bolt has changed. it's no 75% acurricy and 10, 100, or 1000 damage

Willzahk said...

Maybe it's like the old middle eastern folklore. Arabian Night-ish.

Anonymous said...

A space world would be sweet! I got some other ideas for worlds

1: A Prehistoric themed world with cave wizards and dino bosses and pets

2: A Futuristic themed world with robots and cyborgs for bosses and pets

3: An aztec jungle temple themed world with tiki people. Got that from facebook.

I also got some new school ideas

1: The school of metal, combined of fire ice and storm. With spells like clockwork and iron golems.

2: The school of energy, combined of life death and myth. Haven't thought of spells yet but I will.

Maybe these schools can be introduced in these worlds.

Happy Dueling!

Anonymous said...

you say keep us on a cliff hanger for a year and a half, but Christopher Paolini who wrote eragon has had us on a cliff hanger for TWO and a half years. the space is cool, but i want that sinister thing to come to krokotopia. i like scary things like that. i want there to be like, a shadow weaver invasion on krokotopia and they can make that another world.