Saturday, January 22, 2011

KI Resolves the Open Chat Issue

Yesterday at around 10:30 am, peace was restored to the spiral.

You all can come back to the game now.

But I need to tell you all a quick story. So, about a month and a half ago I was hanging out in a Game Stop, checking out all the new releases and whatnot (I had a couple games to pick up for Christmas, etc.), and I'll never forget this mom coming in with her son and only entering the store maybe five footsteps when she quite loudly and clearly demanded the entire store's attention, "EXCUSE ME! I just want to let you all know that I give my permission for my son to buy a MATURE GAME!" And then waltzed out of the store, leaving this somewhat embarrassed kid standing in the front with his mom's credit card in his pocket as we all eyeballed him up and down.


You know what went through my head? "There goes her mother of the year award." But, you know, she had to do that because Game Stop requires parental permission to buy those nasty M-rated games. Well, she could have used about three million times more tact, but hey, loud-mouthed moms with dirty M-rated kids don't care none. She got all Angus on 'em.

I just want you all to know that it's a good policy to have parental permission, and as KingsIsle states in that link above, a legal requirement. Know that if your mom adds a credit card to your account and says you're 18+ even though you're not, at least you're not that poor 10-year-old kid standing in the middle of Game Stop looking all guilty like, hey, I suck for playing non-appropriate age games and my mom is vile and loud-mouthed, but at least I get to play Grand Theft Auto Four now. *Alfred E. Neuman Smile* What? Me Worry?

Enjoy the heck out of your E-rated game with chat filters because it's awesome, and you all are too. Wizard101 kids rock!

Happy Dueling!


The Overachieving Necromancer said...

Hahahhahahahahaha I love the Alfred E. Neuman refrence. MAD for life!

The story about the kid was pretty embarassing, but my parent(s) normally go and get an M game after they look over it. (That's how I got GTA 4, and Black Ops.)

In terms of MAD, I think Don Martin was the best with his sound effects.

FOINSAPP (Someone getting hit in the face with a saw)

FIKWALOOSH! (A frozen turkey being dropped onto a wicker basket full of harmonicas)

M.W.S said...

Woah, she really did that? Yikes! 100% agreement with your point. I'm glad KI, has fixed things.