Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rift -- my Impression after the first couple hours

So if you haven't heard about a game called "Rift," then you've been hiding away somewhere much cooler than the MMO-scape. I envy you people. You don't have to live your life thinking, OH MAN I WANT TO TRY THAT GAME OUT RIGHT NOW!

Yesterday, I got the chance to fulfill my destiny of geekdom and actually play in "Beta 5" of Rift. What can I say about this game . . .

LUCY! Sorry, my pink pet leopard thing gets all excited every time I ding a new level in Rift, but more about that later.

Yeah, it's all very . . . familiar. It's a button masher (no card dueling to be found whatsoever) like many many many MMOs out there. It's quest driven like many many MMOs out there. There's gigantically huge swords like many many MMOs out there . . .

But there is something to be said about auto grouping near a "rift" when one opens up. I like that. (From what I understand, it's kind of like how Tabula Rasa use to work?) It kind of has the flavor of someone auto-joining your dueling circle. When you're around a rift experience like this, you don't really have a choice . . . from what I can tell, if you're solo, you're auto-grouped with the people around the rift.

Yes, yes, it's like going to a community Thanksgiving Dinner! That's what it's like!

And because my pet Lucy asked me to tell you about the level up message . . . Yes, the main difference here for me between this game and all the MMOs I've played to date so far is the experience of the most unreal gaudy level up message ever.

I really do feel like I've just completed a fatality move in Mortal Kombat. FINISH HIM!

So, is this game something you might want to try? Is this game something a kid could handle?

/shrug . . . I've only played it for like an hour or two . . .

But, I can tell you that it's a Teen Rated game with what appears to be all open chat (I haven't seen much stupidity yet other than the mention of a Klondike bar--I'd kill for a Mount right now!" says random_stranger_01 "Or maybe for a Klondike bar!" says random_stranger_02.) I can tell you that it feels like I'm playing the Game Which Shall Not Be Named. I can also tell you that the computer requirements to play it are pretty steep; I have to play this game on low resolution settings to avoid lag. ugh. It's definitely NOT Wizard101 by any means.

. . . ultimately, it's a cool game because of one reason: They have a beastlord-esque class, which makes the Stingite in me happy. Will it be something I want to play forever and now I'm hooked? Not so far. I just happened to get in the beta and play it last night.

If you're looking to try this out, then here . . . I'll be an enabler for the first 25 people who want in:


That's the VIP Beta Key they sent me, good for 25 uses. First come, first serve. Good luck! Remember to ask your parents first! (Unless you are a parent, but still, you should call and give your kids' granparents a hug. This is an MMO we're talking about here with the power to suck your soul out for six months to a year--they should know you love them before you ascend and whatnot.)

Happy Dueling!


P.D. (Luke GoldHorn) said...

Oh my gosh I got one! :D!!!!! Thanks so much Friendly!

-Luke GoldHorn

Blaze Stormthief said...

Thank you so much! Can't believe it! Sign me up for the next meeting of Rift-aholics Anonymous!


Bryan said...

lol ty so much! i got the beta vip! :DD

Michael Thunderspear said...

Wow... are you sure that isn't the game that shall not be named? It REALLY looks like it. A lot.

Anonymous said...

There are many card-dueling games out there friendly, I've seen many but I'm not able to remember any by heart at the moment.You should try looking through the "MMOhut" website, It's sure to give you lots of games in the category "Card-Dueling." Also, thanks for the beta key.I've been meaning to play RIFT, just that you got me motivated just now.=D

Anonymous said...

Try Minecraft! It is so amazing! I'm seriously, you REALLY need to try it if you haven't. If you haven't, and aren't going to then you basically are weird.

destiny stormstone said...

have you ever played fate?
it's not online but its really fun

Anonymous said...

Love the game so far, NECROMANCER PASSION!

Matthew said...

Hey I've been playing that since beta 3 and have already pre-ordered it :)

QWLR-E6P9-KYMP-W6NK-MZRJ is another code if anyone needs it.

I have a level 22 Cleric (Purifier, Druid, Cabalist) on the belmont server and absolutely love the game so far!