Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feedback Friday--I choose . . . DOOR NUMBER THREE!

If you've logged in this week, you've been welcomed with a link to the most recent Feedback Friday with Professor Falmea. Check it out. Basically, she wants to know which secret door in the spiral would you like to be opened and specifically mentions Barkingham Palace. You know, that place we've talked about here on TFN.

Anyway, that Feedback Friday thread is a super dense thread at this point . . . as it should be since it was linked to from the game patcher. (That one time my blog was linked to in the game patcher was an absolute thing of beauty for my blog -- hits SOARED to 11k a day -- I can't tell you how awesome it was for the hit counter and traffic around here.)

At the time of posting this message, they are up to over 500 responses on that thread. I don't have time to go through them all, but it's actually a good study in all the hidden doors around the spiral:
-Barkingham Palace
-Death Door in Haunted Cave
-Fifth island in Krokotopia
-Doors in Nidavellir
-Unruined school doors in DS Acadamy
-lower door in path of scales in Malistaire's Lair
-Elik's Edge
-Crypt in Northgaurd
-Restricted sections of Wizard City Library
-Door behind Lazlo in Plaza of Conquests
-Various unaccessible dojos in Mooshu
-house doors in every land outside of Celestia
-door to the left of Trial of Spheres
-blocked doorway in the Pyramid of the Sun--Alter of kings-
-Crab Alley
-ocean beyond Floating Land
-caved in doorway in Well of Spirits

And there's a lot of cool suggestions being thrown around as well.

It's a good time.

Me? What does the Friendly Necromancer want? Personally I don't care where they open up as long as they finally put in a two-group raid encounter (at that point it just becomes a discussion of where could you fit an eight person sigil?). I remember talking with a couple of people at GDC Austin (oh, a guy named J Todd Coleman himself if I remember correctly), and it was mentioned that the battle circle was programmed to be able to expand. Yes, all the coding is already in the game to make that circle bigger and add more people to a battle.

Now, there are a ton of other considerations that would go along with implementing something like this . . . grouping / communication / extra art for a larger circle / boss battles tuned for eight people / loot tables / etc. / etc. / etc. (not an all-together easy implementation, but the coding is good, so that's a good jump in the right direction! Right?)

So, let me try to help: yes, I'm thinking Barkingham Palace is the place you want to use. Why? 1) It's already marked on the map. 2) There's plenty of room to accomodate an eight person sigil!

What about a room big enough to accommodate an eight person battle? Easy, use the double wide room from Briskbreeze tower. Boss Battle? Eight wizards vs. One Giant Humongofrog. Why? Because I've heard J. Todd Coleman mention that he'd love to see a battle against a Humongofrog AND it was all the buzz lately with that funny press release.

So, who's with me? Anybody else want to fight a Humongofrog with eight wizards?

Happy Dueling!


Johnny said...

Yea i would love a 8 player dungeon where we have to solve puzzles to get to the last boss and then we all have to fight this super hard boss, with epic drops.

Blaze Stormthief said...

Count me in! I'd like to see a giant Humongofrog..... 8 person dungeon? Let's call it a raid!

Liam said...

Wizard101 raids? Count me in!

Anonymous said...

this didn't occur to me until you mentioned the altar of kings, but that area goes very far down into the ground, so there actually is a lot of possiblity there

Anthony Ghosthunter said...

Hey guys, does anyone know what program Friendly uses for his screen shots? I am forced to use Paint, and it SUCKS! Thanks!

Check out my blog! Trying to build a small audience for the beginning, so tell your friends if you liked it!

Jacob said...

I think all of those are great ideas. By the way, I was just on my level 19 ice. I just noticed that if you use a gardening spell in a empty space,it looks very cool.What do you think, Friendly?

Travis emeraldspear said...

thanks for the invitation friendly!

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Barkingham Palace raid!!!!!!!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

....with massive Critical and Stun resist! And cheats! This should be good!!!

Anonymous said...

how dare they are hiding those areas from us!!!! they neeed to spill the beans already!! wth is going on behind those doors!!! why i am i posting a comment on your blog at 4 a. m.?? these questions need to be answered!!!!!!!