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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I finally crafted mine . . .

Yeah, Uber Wife crated her first carosel like forever ago, but me? It took me allllllll this time before even attempting to craft my carousel.

YAY! Look how fun that is! I CALL UNICORN SEAT!!

My motivation for crafting that was all about the Earthquake cards. My Silver Trumpet Vine garden has been giving me a lot of Earthquake cards. Look how many Earthquake cards I had when I went to craft this thing.

Yeah . . . best reason to grow Silver Trumpet Vine EVA!

Cassandra Griffendreamer ported to me and we started talking about a few of the carousel's oddities.

1- What's up with the shark seat being in front of the pole? Do you ride it backwards?
2- Shark is wearing a crown (KING JAWS)!
3- I'd ride the mythbat like a stingray.
4- Firecat has no seat and is therefore a huge safety issue (worse than running with scissors)!!


Happy Dueling!


Panglou said...


Travis emeraldspear said...

Nice! crafting confuses me and i am still stuck at the beginning quests lol

mywizard101site said...

Cograts Friendly! I bet it took a while to gee all those items ;) Have fun with your new carousel xD
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Anonymous said...

Nice job stingite

Liam FireCrafter said...

nice job friendly obviously took some time with black pearls and ancient scrolls.

Devin Rubysmith said...

Now all you to do is craft the Watchtower Hall, the ultamite crafting achievement. It us a house that I finally managed to craft. I still have nightmares about how long and hard it was to make it XD jk. But seriously, great job!

Travis emeraldspear said...

Hey friendly, so when are you hosting that party? i am looking forward to it. (hope its not night time)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your new gear? It looks cool

Anonymous said...

what happened to your black crows body? O; the carousel ate it!!!! btw you can probably guess i am the same person commenting on a bunch of your old posts at 4 a.m.