Sunday, January 9, 2011

What happened to Dragonspyre's Life School and Class Trees?

Tanner Rubycatcher has a couple of questions about Dragonspyre:
Hey Friendly! First off, thanks for pointing me towards that Celestia quest guide! :)

Anyways, I was walking around Dragonspyre Acadamy and I noticed that there were different doors with each of the school symbols on them. I thought this was cool and I also figured out that Dragonspyre Academy also has its own School trees. The only trees surviving are the Fire Tree, and the Death Tree(Who isn't very chatty). I also saw that there is no Life school or Balance School(Which makes sense since Balance is a "New" type of magic) in Dragonspyre Academy. So, I kinda have 2 questions that you may not be able to answer:

1) How did Dragonspyre Academy get those trees?

2) What happened to the Life School there?

Ahh, the tragedy of Dragonspyre. Here's a picture I made of that courtyard (click to enlarge).

So, it certainly looks like there's room for two schools that were completely destroyed, and the three other trees as you noted have been chopped down.

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how the relationship between school tree and school works, but it definitely seems like they go hand in hand. Perhaps when someone establishes a school of magic, they also plant a tree with it?

Sadly it appears that Celestian magic doesn't work this way, instead we have to learn spells from . . . uh . . . magical oil barrels.

Where's the cool trees? You know?

The Life school at Dragonspyre academy was definitely obliterated by the dragon titan and its army of fire wizards. In fact, they look completely melted over as if a lava flow collapsed over them and then cooled, kind of like how it looks over by the volcanoes in Hawaii.

I'm thinking that's some extreme fire magic at work there. So, for a lack of better explanation, "it got deaded by fire wizards."

. . . you'd think they'd want to melt the ice school down, wouldn't you? But, by taking out the life and balance school, I think it also serves as a metaphor that most everything in Dragonspyre is a ghost and in chaos.

What do you all think?

Happy Dueling!


Alia Lotuspetal said...


~The LotusPetal

Anonymous said...

Very deep friendly! Haha but you may have actually been spot on! The proof being the crack running through the death school symbol infront of the world tree in wc.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

We can even dive into the thought of how Fire is an ambiguous representative of creation AND destruction, whereas Death has more of a symbolic motif of recreation (recycling)/reanimation. The two schools seemingly work hand-in-hand, but Fire's function is physical and natural (elemental) while Death's is philosophical (spiritual). So, those two schools would, in my opinion, best outlast or survive within Dragonspyre.

Perhaps it was just natural coincidence all that soot and obsidian fell on top of Life and (maybe) Balance school? Maybe the programmers didn't want to create two more doors and tree stumps?

Andrew DragonStrider said...

Hey Friendly, in the picture of the um, Celestian oil barrels, I noticed that there was writing on the sides of the school's barrels. Mind translating?

Anonymous said...

By sticking the cooled lava flows there, it means the programmers only had to create one single path for a player to go down from the portal to the street entrances- meaning every single time they walk through the Academy, they pass the ridge where the young dragon is.

Chrsitopher said...

I believe that is what happened. However I don't think there was a balance school there. Seeing how the balance school is only native of Krokotopia. Now why all the tree's were cut down besides fire and death well. Obviously the dragon Titan is fire so they go hand in hand and the death tree. Malistare maybe, or maybe because everyone in Dragonspyre is a ghost.

the angry necromancer said...