Sunday, January 23, 2011

GM Gardener WOOTS!

Hey look at that!

Level up!

haha! Yeah, a garden full of Silver Trumpet Vine will do that for you REEEEEAAALLLY fast like. :)

Happy Dueling!


Alexander Battleflame said...

Awesome friendly!! I'm almost there

Blueroses said...

~Amber RP

Willzahk said...

Good. Same here. :P

Anthony Ghosthunter said...

Lol, dude, I'm a level 8 gardener and I can barely keep a garden full of Pink Dandelions!

The Master Of Life said...

Good job! I'm rank 9 in my gardening only about halfway through to grandmaster gardener. Good work!

Master of ife

Panglou said...


Le` Panglou

Grayson said...

LOL! My Ice (level 52) and Death (32) are both rank 8 and my Balance (15) is rank 3.


-Gorman RavenHunter

Anonymous said...

How did I reach Grandmaster Gardener before The Friendly Necromancer? I've been one for a while now, but cool! I bet you're drowning in earhtquake TC's, lol.

Tipa said...

Grats! I swear I didn't know you had gotten GM gardener until now, or I would have conveyed teh gratses yesterday.

Silver Trumpet Vines -- nice!

Tara Darkgem said...

woah!! how do you have enough gardening energy to take care of them every day?
i use mine all up on my fourth or fifth plant including to protect them or get rid of bugs
but 60% of my plants wilt or die before they become adult lol
my garden is more like a graveyard \:

Caroline Dawnrunner said...

ooooooh woooooow thaaaaaats niiiiiice