Monday, January 10, 2011

Bamboo Well in Mooshu?

Question from Neela Dreamglen:
Hi, this is Neela Dreamglen!
Aaaand i've got a question regarding furniture. So, you know when you walk into the jade palace into MS and you turn to your left a little and there's this bamboo well with a bucket and a crank? Well, I bought the imperial palace and have been trying to find where I can either buy this well for my house, or craft it, or even if it drops from a boss! BTW, your blog is awesome and I read it a few times a week! Thanks friendly!

OH yeah, that's a cool one to be sure.

As far as I can tell, that isn't available as a housing item. The closest we have to that well is the Celestian Wishing Well, which is a crafted item purchased from Gearwise in the Celestian Base Camp, AND yeah . . . that doesn't look ANYTHING like a well, does it?

Nope. This is not the well you're looking for.

Well, maybe someday that'll be a housing item, eh? That'd rock!

And if anyone knows any differently, please educate myself and Neela, would ya? Thanks!

Happy Dueling!


Liam said...

Hey friendly its the crazy thuergist AKA Liam Emeraldblossom. I'm gonna be at gamma tower on vampire realm tonight and i kinda want to meet you so I'll wait and see if you pop up.

Liam said...

i go do other stuff
i do again tomorrow night.
If you on tonight post here and i go back

Anonymous said...

hehe you have grass on your head in that picture!! its like you're wearing a vase