Saturday, January 1, 2011

Housing Item of the Day--Large Willow Tree

Heya all,

I got this note from Donna Spellthorn back in 2010 (sorry, couldn't help myself) about a pretty epic housing item:
I think I found your next housing item of the's called the large willow tree. It can apparently be found at the bazaar, but the alleged drop is from Praetor Mako (no clue where that is) But I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I think other people should know about it too, so that's why I sent you this email.

Well, thanks for the note, Donna! Consider it done!

Large Willow Tree, I hereby declare you the housing item of the day!

So from what I could tell, this item is rumored to drop from not only from Mako, but also from Achaelos. Both are located in the Crustacean Empire.

HOWEVER, I spent a good amount of time farming Achaelos and walked away with no trees, but I did get a lot of the little doghouses. When I went to farm Mako, I got the tree on my first try.

You know, from a distance, this tree looks kind of goofy to me . . . not at all what I would consider a Willow tree.

The Wizard101 Large Willow Tree looks more like one giant trunk with a bowler's cap on.

Regardless, it does provide a good bit of shade and cover. A few of these big trees and you're ready to start your own jungle with undergrowth . . . kind of like Paige Moonshade's trip to Pandora through Wizard101 housing.

Uber wife did something pretty cool with her epic tree . . . Check it out:

So awesome to be up there in the canopy!

Happy Dueling!


Panglou said...

LOL at the bowler hat

Tara DarkGem said...

happy new years friendly!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have two of those trees, both from bazaar. Definently worthy of housing item of the day!

Anonymous said...


RoyalWizard said...

i havent been on this blog for a YEAR haha!!!
happy new years!!!

Stingite said...

Happy New Year, all!

@anon: Nah, he's done it all 99.9% solo. It took me three hours to get through Big Ben. I could have easily loaded up three other characters and helped him out, but I didn't. I'm not lying.

Caroline Dawnrunner said...

Congratz on making the best Wizard101 Blogger of 2010!
(There was an award ceremony for 2010 on my blog called the Wizzy Awards)

Darby Drake said...

Yeah, it's a nice looking tree, but no willow. I still want a couple, though; they'll look quite nice overlooking my Mooshu cottage.

It's still a swell game, but clearly KingsIsle didn't spring for a botanist when they set up their staff. I was REALLY excited when I first found out that I could get a birch tree from the bazaar, for example... until I found out what their idea of a 'birch tree' actually was.

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm matthew spellsword, and have recently defeated malistare. anyways, i found a houseing item called deactivated golem at the bazar. it looks like it's from celestia. what do you think?