Friday, January 7, 2011

Can you Juggle a Plant in Wizard101 to Keep it Forever?

Question from Luke Goldhorn:
Hey Friendly,

So, I have a question. And I thought, "Who better to ask than the all-knowing Necromancer himself?" So, here it is:

When you "neglect" your garden, your plants will start to wilt, and eventually die. I've had a few wilting plants that I saved, an they went back to the sapling stage (I believe that is the teen stage of gardening). I can't remember what stage it was before exactly, but would you mind checking this out? If this is true, it'd seem like an awfully big flaw in the system, since people could just buy the crowns plants and keep reusing them. I would conduct a test myself, but I am currently on break. Thanks so much for your help!

From your's truly,

Luke GoldHorn

P.S: You're blog isn't covered in awesomesauce. IT'S BURIED IN EPICSAUCE!


Once again, I am proving to you that it's not what you know, but who you know.

I asked Greyrose, who then passed the question on to Justin Wingard, who also is buried in epicsauce--much more than I am.

Here was his response:
Elder plant harvests for crown plants should also guarantee a seed drop to players so essentially a crowns plant will never completely vanish on you.

Hopefully, we made the rewards high enough at the elder stage such that players are encouraged to keep growing through the whole plant life cycle as opposed to just bouncing plants around between life and death.

Now, the one exception to this is The Giving Tree. The Giving Tree doesn’t give off a seed at Elder. The only way to keep it alive is to juggle it at the lower stages, but in doing that you’re missing out on its elder stage rewards which are really really awesome!

Thanks Greyrose and Justin!

For some reason I have a nagging feeling that others may have some insight into this as well. I know uber wife was saying that it had appeared to her that some of our daughter's plants went elder even though they had needs, but that would seem to be a bug right? Any of you all have some insight to share??

/scratches head.

Pretty awesome that crown plants pretty much guarantee another crown plant seed, right? YES! Maybe that's why I never seem to run out of pink dandelions.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

OH NO! *throws ladle*
You welcome!

Alric Ravensinger said...

I believe this is true as I harvested my Elder Silver Trumpet vine today and it gave me 400 + gold 3-4 TCs 3000 GXP and 2 Silver Trumpet vine seeds the vines are in fact Crown seeds.

Anonymous said...

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Kevin BattleBlood said...

There's something I've noticed recently, but haven't exactly paid close attention to, in terms of Elder plants.

It seems that when they metamorph from the Mature to the ethereal stage, they drop any Needs or Pests. I found myself ignoring a few plants on purpose, especially the ones that are a hair away from the final stage, and I've never found myself to regret that move or push a "reset" button on that idea.

Great find on the fact about the Giving Tree! I've actually been ignoring that one on purpose to let it die, then spark life in it to keep it going. The rewards are so-so, but the best reward is seeing that tree around November of 2011 :)

Anonymous said...

I like to juggle my plants between life and death because some of them are so expensive goldwise, or its hard to find the vendor (great plants in Wintertusk, if you don't mind the long trip). I've noticed that my white laugh 0'dills are beginning to lose their harvest timers and though they still have needs and can die they give no harvest. Have you an answer for that?