Monday, December 28, 2009

How do you get famous in Wizard101?

Hi there!
I was wondering how a wizard gets famous. I would like to have my own blog about Wizard101 but I am worried no one will visit it and I don't give nearly as good advice as you do. I am a blog member of Wordpress and not Blogspot, so would that make any difference?
Sincerely, Natalie Crowshard

WAIT! I hear a bad 80's song moment coming on.

Heya Natalie! Welcome to blogging about Wizard101. It really doesn't matter if you blog on Wordpress or Blogspot. They both are awesome as far as free sites go.

Well, my blogging club is a great place to start. A lot of people use my site as a jumping board for reading Wizard101 blogs. I'm their RSS feed. Get on that and start posting cool stuff and you'll be on your way.

I've given some advice before to aspiring bloggers, but you need to check out this thread on It's a classic. :-) I'm a total Alex Jaderider fanboi.

In the end, I have no idea. The "fame" aspect of this blog really kind of threw me for a loop. I wasn't expecting that at all. Although, I have to say that I've only been recognized a few times in game where someone said . . . HEY, YOU'RE THAT GUY THAT RUNS THAT BLOG! If I leave my teleports on, then there is a chance that I will become a traveling party, which can be fun. But, for the most part I just run around doing my thing on my alts, staying very low key.

I have to say that the real famous people in the game for me are the people that had a hand in making the game. Like seeing Samantha on or maybe Calamity Boompants is HUGE for me! Interviewing Professor Greyrose and the duo of Nelson Everhart and J. Todd Coleman was amazing! See, the way it should be is the developers are the famous ones and the bloggers are their entourage. Know what I'm saying? As bloggers for Wizard101, we should be invited into the inner circle of cool for KI and then everyone else in game gets to live that through our blogs.

I know that I'd love to make a trip to Austin, TX to see a few people there. KI if you're listening, I'd love to come write about my experience touring your offices (post NDA of course, of course) . . . feel free to inconvenience me with a plane ticket! ;-) I don't think it's going to happen. ;-)

Best of luck with your endeavors.

Happy Dueling!


Isaiah Spelldust said...

Ha, I still remember Bowie in the Labyrinth!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Stephanie said...

That was very touching lol

Actually, I think it would be nice if KI host a contest where you can get a free ticket to fly to Austin, TX and tour the place. It would be an awesome prize! Although then if it is a little kid that win it, his/her parents need to go along.... (another ticket)-_-

David TitanRider said...


eh it was OK

So friendly if by any possible chance you remember me from teleporting to Cassandra Griffindreamer in the village of sorrow, THEN I met you for like 5 seconds!

Anonymous said...

How do I become part of Friendly's blogging club?
-Natalie Crowshard (wizard who wrote the question)

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Lol, I have a blog on Wiz101 ( NOT popular. )and my friend told a bunch of other friends to tell their friends ect. So 10% chance I go to the Commons, someone may recognize me , and usually someone does.