Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Destiny Silverblood's Wizard101 Ideas

Just a note upfront here: I usually don't post about other people's ideas on my blog, but Destiny was looking for an outlet, and I figured, what the heck. Also, I want you all to know that there are already a few "official" places where you can post your ideas for the game.

The Wizard101 Feedback Forum on Central
The Dorms Forum on

So, if you have great ideas just rushing out of you like Destiny, please hop over to one of those forums and let loose! I'm sure KI would love to hear from you all.

NOW, on to Destiny's ideas. I'll present one of her ideas and then make a comment about each:
Snack Packs:

Snack Packs related to schools examples being,
Storm Snack Pack - 120 Crowns.
Myth Snack Pack - 120 Crowns.
Life Snack Pack - 120 Crowns.
Death Snack Pack - 120 Crowns.
Fire Snack Pack - 120 Crowns.
Ice Snack Pack - 120 Crowns.
Balance Snack Pack - 120 Crowns.

That's cool. I see what you're doing there, you pay a little extra for a snack pack that gives you more "like" cards than a regular snack pack. Up front, I don't know if KI would do that for only 5 crowns more a snack pack. My opinion is that it'd be quite a bit more than 120 crowns.

Just a quick comment here. I have heard that crafting your own snacks is relatively painless these days, has low costs, and makes it so you can really customize your pet's stats. For instance, check out the Dagwood Sandwich recipe requirements.

There are TONS of bloodbat cards for sell at the bazaar for cheap! For me it's much easier to whip up seven of these bad boys than spend my crowns on pet snack packs, not to mention that the cooldown is next to nothing when you craft these. You should try that out and see how that works for you.

Next idea:
Mount Derby:

Mount derby would be like pet derby, but without set paths. This idea is meant to be interactive and test the players' motor skills and overall control of their Mounts. This idea in my opinion would help Crowns Buyers and Wizard101. More people wanna Race and more people are gonna want better looking Mounts--all in all more Crowns are going to be bought. There would be a Ranking System so its not all for show, something related in not only Ranking Badge, but also Rewards, Rewards being special Saddles or one day Color Changes all the way up to 7 Day - Permanent Mounts.

Ahh, I see. Racing with your mounts instead of with your pets with rewards being mostly cosmetic change items for your mounts. That could be cool. I wonder how much Internet lag would come into play with a system like this since I think the current pet racing method accounts for that in some way. /shrug I'm not a programmer, so I'm just gonna say, YES! I would love to race my mount for a cool reward. :)

Next idea from Destiny:

Hatching Ranks:

This idea would be one of my most favorites considering we all wanna hatch more than once a day. My idea comes in a few parts and differences, so its up to you guys to decide which idea goes the farthest. The ideas basically are either hatching ranks or hatching quests.

Hatching Ranks would be Hatching and getting better pets either school or other wise anything with improved stats, you would also gain Rank for Training your Pets. So say Lord Sparky had parents with not so good stats, like Crafty and Careful, but Sparky got lucky and got Health Gift you would get some Hatching XP, for each Hatching Rank earned you would gain another Hatching Slot.

Hatching quests would come in two parts or combined as the choice of Wizard101's Fantastic Team of Admin Wizards: this would be either combining it with the Crafters' quests out there to craft say 12 Frosted Drakes Cereals or maybe a farming quest to get a drop of a Lightning Bat and Cat Thug in order to get a new hatching Slot.

I see, so this is kind of like Gardening ranks meets Advanced pets. You would level up as a hatcher with both quests and the frequency of your hatching activities . . . with maybe bonus experience points if your pet manifests an epic skill.


Well, I do like goals in game! If someone plunked 10 levels of hatching rank with some rare badge at the end of the tunnel, I probably would go for it . . . especially if there was a neutered rare pet packed with epic traits at the end of the rank hatcher 10 tunnel! An extra hatching slot would be nice too!

And I'm also pro- more quests. If they would give me quests to go along with each step of a hatching rank, then I'd be a happy wizard.

It'd be interesting to see how they would actually implement something like this. /shrug. I like how you're thinking though, for sure!

Destiny's next idea:
Pet Arena:

This idea is still in its infancy stage in my mind, but this idea would bring the biggest change cause the stats of the pets would triple and bring in a stage of Arena Stats related to yet its own fighting skills, and of course for you Rankers out there, yet again more Ranking, but guess what? You're not the ones wearing the Badges this time, its Sparky's turn, the Ranks would be the same as any other Ranking System, Private - Warlord. As for rewards, I don't have much to say its your choice there, maybe booster cards for your pets like an extra attack boost or defense? Maybe rewards like my Mounts idea: a on-day color changer? Maybe (with the consent of Wizard101 of course), a reward to set your pet's name personally? Maybe even a item to boost your pet one level? Maybe even lowered hatching prices for one time or maybe sets of Gold 100 - 50,000? Not many ideas for Rewards here, you Wizards can help me out?

Actually, that's a ton of reward ideas! :p

So, yes, pet arena. Ok, that could be cool to have my pet dueling it out with other pets in Pokemon fashion, and I love the idea of earning a badge for my pet. That's gold! It would be just yet another way to personalize your character.

Destiny, you're flowing over with ideas! My recommendation is that you definitely spend some time posting your ideas over on Central and the Wizard101 forums. I'd break it up though. Maybe post just one idea a day and get some feedback from people. KingsIsle does read their forums and Central's forums, so your ideas will definitely be seen if you post there . . . and especially if you have great ideas.

Best of luck!

Happy Dueling!


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