Friday, January 28, 2011

Epic Fail Mickey and Ding 19 Miner

So my coworker and I have called each other out in an epic match of Epic Mickey! Don't know what Epic Mickey is? Here, watch the CGR review of this awesome game for the Wii.

If you have a Wii, this game is awesome!

So, it's a race to see who will beat the game first, and I'm actually ahead of my co-worker right now. But, if I keep playing dumb like I did last night . . . well . . . it might be a bad ending for the Friendly Necromancer.

Check it out here in my video I'm calling "Epic Fail Mickey." Since, I just freaking couldn't jump these cards for some reason. It got to be comical.

As the video says at the end, I finally did get up those stupid cards and, yeah, there wasn't anything exciting up there. EXCEPT, now that I'm reviewing the video I see a film reel up there that I need to go back and get. DANGIT! :)

. . . It's the Friendly Necromancer at his worst . . .


Anyway, of other news, I also Dinged 19 in the mining skill in Free Realms. One away from the max! WOOT!

Yeah, that's a total test in endurance since you have to play this silver mining game over and over and over to get there. I ran out of quests . . . all that's left to level me up is to play mini-games.

Man, that's a lot of mining mini-games. I wonder how many people have actually endured that punishment and made it to 20th level as a miner?

Mining is an Epic Free Realms fail, but I SHALL DO IT! ENDURANCE!!!!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome accomplishment for dinging 19 in FR! I came to W101 from FR and even my character still hasn't maxxed its Miner Job! Congrats! :)


Isaac Mistheart said...

I beat epic Mickey and loved it :)

Amber Rosepetal said...


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Noah DreamBlood said...

I beat epic mikey in 3 days, let me say that peteatronic was a PAIN to beat. Wanna hint? If not stop reading. Fair warning. When he throws his boomerrang at you spin to reflect it then shoot him up with paint or thinner.