Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Game Report: Rowan and Isaiah Level 48 spell quest and GM Artisan on Thomas!

Uber wife and I decided last night to *finally* finish that lingering spell quest for Isaiah and Rowan.

So? Do you know the answer to Cyrus's question? Hmmm?

You Myth wizards do, right?

It's something to lure the Orthrus out to say hello, and that something happens to be the bone of a two-headed cat. Unfortunately you never get to see the two-headed cat though as Dworgyn just hands it over to you. I kind of wanted to fight a two-headed cat for that bone! :-) Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, and I was begging to get that quest DONE.

Anyway, since Rowan and I were simultaneously completing this quest, we got to see something even more rare than an Orthrus visitation. Behold the four-headed dog of awesomeness!

That's a lot of teeth to brush and noses to blow right there.


Earlier in the night, Thomas finally decided to clear out that lingering GM Artisan quest from his quest log and crafted the seal of the seven seas.

You get a lot of gold for finishing that quest, but, um, well it wasn't nearly enough to cover the costs of sniping golden pearls in the bazaar. :)

I had missed that you could buy the Treant Polymorph cards from the Archivist, so I gotta give it up to Cassandra Griffindreamer for letting me know that you can buy them there. That saved a lot of time! No need to craft or even snipe those at all, just buy them from the Archivist. Yup!

WOOT, sporting the new GM Artisan badge with Cass, who looks strangly like an eagle wearing half of a wizard cap in this picture I might add.

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

Stupid Typhon getting all the glory -.-
Anyways, glad I could help.

Soulrider1 said...

Looks like that's two of us gettin our GM Artisan badges last night. Too bad I didn't discover the Treant cards for sale sooner, making less gold pearls to dive for. Anyway, quest log's clear again and even collected the "Spiral Geographer" badge after finding a couple side-quests I'd missed earlier just to get the main story done first.

Panglou said...


Noah DreamBlood said...

Am I the only one counting 4 heads?

Fist of Fire said...

Now you just have to craft the ring and athame with healing boosts in celestia. That 100% boost to healing is really handy :D.

irisgoddess said...

about sporting your badge, how do you think that effects other players? when i team up with someone i like to know their type. that way, i can adjust my playing style to be more helpful. this comes in handy when fighting bosses, main storyline or not. maybe talk to grayrose about adding both? can you put this in a post?

Anonymous said...

Or you could learn the treant card which would be even faster... :D

Stingite said...

@anon: why would that help me craft the seal of the seven seas faster?