Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Strange Building in Marleybone? Outfits near Zeke?

Elizabeth Seacloud has a couple questions:
1. So i asked this question to the wizard101 support " In the mb commons thaere are two dogs that look like buckingham palace gaurds, there is a building inbetween them, but you cant get into it, what is that building supposed to be?" And guess what they answered! " I'm sorry, but we're not able to answer this type of question. We consider that information a Spoiler, and we're not permitted to reveal the Spoilers to anyone. They're common for all students at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, so you can ask your friends and in the forums, but the Faculty is strictly forbidden from revealing them." Hump, that wasnt mugh help... but it did do something, it made me think! Do you think that will me a new tower or something? Hummm... interesting right! What do you think.

2. Have you ever noticed that in the wizardcity commons by zeak and the sticing lady there is a cart. the cart has like school spcific outfits. Were thoes the old crowns gear, can you farm them from a boss. They look really cool and i would loke some...Thx

1. I've actually been asked this question before! Here's my long answer. The short answer is (at this point) its nothing more than a staging area for Henry Wellingbrook and Quentin Boodington.

The interesting thing here is their response to you. There's really no spoiler to it . . . UNLESS, they're going to use it for something else some day! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN! (then again, it is kind of their template answer for stuff like this . . .)

I guess we'll have to wait and see. :)


2. Oh yeah, let's go take a look at that:

Hmmm, I think I've seen a few of those around the spiral. A couple of them might be, but I think some are not. Gah, I don't know . . . you're asking a dude. I'M A DUDE! I don't none notice none of these here clothes details and whatnot no way! I'M A DUDE!


I'm going to have to leave this up to my more . . . fashion oriented . . . readers. Ahem. Please, if you know what any of those clothes on the cart are, let this dude and Ms. Elizabeth Seacloud know in the comments below. DUDE! THANKS!


Happy Dueling!


John Lifeglen said...

Hmm...I'm fairly certain that all of the clothes on the cart are available scattered around the spiral-except the brown balance symbol hat. I've been looking for that for EVER and the only place other than that cart where it exists is sitting atop Dorothy Gale's head (and she wouldn't turn it over to me after I became student teacher, either! Humph!).

Robert DragonHeart said...

The stuff on the cart are school robes and hats! You can find them in the bazaar or as drops from monsters mainly bosses! The blue hat looks like one from one of the bosses in Krokotopia!

Anonymous said...

Oh they're gonna make something out of Barkingham Palace alright. Something big! A spoiler's a spoiler... It's marked right on your map. Look out for this in the future of the game it will play a big part...

Anonymous said...

For the first thing, if KI calls it a spoiler, then that means.... Big Palace, would you talk to Queen of Marleybone? Or is it a King? And for the second thing, those clothes are all still here, some are at bazaar, others are no auction and ya have to fight a boss for them.

Anonymous said...

ya, the stuff on the cart is mostly kt and paid wiz city stuff i think, i know that storm robe and death robe are, but the balance one? i have seen it on npcs but never a wiz

Noah DreamBlood said...

The cloths are drops from bosses from krokosphinx to big ben