Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where can I find Scrap Metal?

Question here from Sai:
I need help with crafting! I need to find the regrident scrap iron in Marely Bone if i find this this will save all my problems!!!! P.S: Love you blogs im a lvl 56 Death wizard hope to meet you in wizard 101 some time!
Thanks for reading! You should definitely go check out the maps over at Central. Remember to run a path that will get you the most reagents in a minute and then realm jump. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Also, don't forget you can make your own scrap iron through a transmute recipe. More information can be found here. 10 stone block, 10 ore = 1 scrap iron.

You can always bazaar snipe your scrap metal too if you have a lot of patience and time to sit at the bazaar refreshing the list of reagents and scrolling down to where the scrap metal would be over and over and over . . . and over. Some would argue that this is actually the fastest method there is. Bazaar sniping kind of depends on the time of day and the speed of your fingers. ;)

Probably the least effective method is spending 100 crowns on a regeant card pack. Those make a fun gift for friends, but I'd never use it as a viable way of finding the crafting components I need. I can spend my crowns on a lot better stuff than that.

And finally, with gardening you can now harvest regeants. Helephant Ears and Venus Fly Traps are known to drop scrap metal as a harvest.

Best of luck finding that scrap metal. It definitely is a much sought after crafting component!

Happy Dueling!


Bailey said...

Hey Sai :D My favorite spot for collecting scrap metal is to go into counterwieghts east on the first floor enter and exit and you will get a spawn or two every time you do that! Good Luck :D

Anonymous said...

Like Bailey, its going in and out of one of the Counterweights, (don't think it matters which) and you get a little every time. Although I fetch my Springs in the Bazaar :P

Willzahk said...

Did you try the Steampunky areas in Celestia? Try every area with Marleybonian steampunk tech.

TheCourageousSorcerer said...

Thanks SO much Friendly! I just started my hunt for Scrap Iron yesterday so this is a huge help. :D

Fist of Fire said...

Chelsea court is a great place. Use all of the teleporters and check the area around them, and go around chelsea tower.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I find KNIGHT's COURT to be very productive in gathering Scrap Iron plus Stone Blocks. You want to go to the port stones area and the search around the clock tower nearby as well. Of course, throw in realm hopping, and soon you will have ample enough Scrap Iron in no time.

Mark StormRider