Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cost of each world? Celestia timeline?

I have a question here from Stefan:
How much crowns does each world cost?

Wizard City- 715
Krokotopia- 915
Grizzle- 1199
Marleybone- 1200

When is Celestial coming out? Is it ever going to come out?
Oh, ok, cool! It's a math question for friendly! Nice.

Well the first place we go is to this page that details the cost of all the worlds.

And now I do the math:

Wizard City = 750*4=3000 crowns
Krokotopia = 915*13=11895 crowns
Grizzleheim = 1995*5=9975 crowns
Marleybone = 1200*10=12000 crowns
Mooshu = 1200*10=12000 crowns
Dragonspyre = 1200*9=10800 crowns
Total cost = 49950 crowns

Math time over! woot!

Ok, next question is about Celestia! Well I've already talked at length about Celestia on these two threads: one and two. But, you're right! I don't give an estimate on when I think Celestia will come out. Honestly I think "it" will be within the next three months, and if "it" is not Celestia, then "it" will be some entirely other world in the spiral! But before we go to this new world, I think Kingsisle will have to finish the story they began in Briskbreeze tower. At the end of Briskbreeze Tower, Culpepper says this:

To me that says that you will see a tower instance like Briskbreeze over in Krokotopia next. And it just seems logical to assume that you will then go through all the worlds of the spiral completing a Briskbreeze-like tower in each of the existing worlds.

I wouldn't mind completing a tower instance in each of the worlds while we wait for the next great piece of the spiral. It definitely would give the level 50 players something to cut their teeth on for a bit.

Rest assured that something good is coming to the spiral . . . it's just that Rome wasn't built in a day. ;-) (Fun with idioms must be the theme of the day for me hehe)

Happy Dueling!


Isaac Mistheart said...

yeah I know this post is old but THAT Page Is Not Completely CORRECT.

stingite said...

Hey Isaac, are you talking the crowns page at