Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What class is Roland Silverheart?

Gotz me a Q from Jason Thundershield:
I was going to the arena as usual. When i enter Unicorn Way something weird but cool happen. I turn into pet. It was cool so i went in circles. Anyways when i was about to enter arena i saw Roland SilverHeart the guy out side arena selling housing items, and i wonder what school he from? (my guess he fire cause he dress in red.) look at picture i took btw, you like my pet Smokey?

haha! Well with that pet Smokey he sure looks like a GM fire wizard! I think Roland actually has no wizard class and is instead a new class all by himself: English.

English wizards cast the stupify spell (take that Stephen Spiritcaller! *inside joke from Ravenwood Radio 9*)

You know, I'm starting to see these small reports of the "turn into your pet" glitches happening outside of housing. There's about 7 videos on youtube about how to turn into your pet inside housing, but I've yet to see anything about how to turn into your pet out in the other parts of the spiral. Does anybody know? Or is it just some random glitch?



Thanks for the glitch pic, Jason!

Happy Dueling!


Grayson said...

Friendly, look at your quote of him again, look at that last line and the question that's on it. Not Roland's pet, now is it?

Anonymous said...

of course friendly knows its not roland's pet

Alia Lotuspetal said...

So there's more than ONE Glitch?

stingite said...

@grayson: don't make me put winking emoticons after my dumb jokes! I'll do it! ;-)

@anon: thank you for knowing I'm not incredibly stupid.

@Alia: apparently there's a whole breed of glitch!

Jessica said...

Hey, Roland has the same last name as Alyssa!