Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What is Celestia?

On my previous post, someone named "clueless" (hehe) asked this question:
What is Celestia?

If you type in the word "Celestia" over on the Wizard101 Central forums you will get a complex web of 18 pages worth of threads to pour through. In the end, any real proof on this new world of the spiral is that two quests have mentioned a place known as "celestia."

One quest is from Shellus Gruffheart who states, "I was supposed to find a bloodstone ring for a lady in Celestia, but the ghosts have it!" The other quest is from Mr. Rowley in Hyde Park who states, "My gold watch! It's a verifiable antique from Celestia."

There has been a lot of speculation as to what this new world might be or might look like. As Luke Darkblood commented on my previous blog post, "Celestia: the biggest debate of wizard101 just behind Wild Bolt in PvP." I would have to agree. :-) And I'd add that it's inspired many to dream of what it will be like as well.

What do I think? I think a world based on the name "celestia" will look celestial: of the sky or of the heavens. (It is missing only one "L" at the end there after all.)

What are my predictions for Celestia? I predict 5 more levels of progression, I predict the introduction of one to three new school(s) of magic (astral magic being the most cited), and I predict Malistaire or Malistaire's ghost will be on the prowl there. Since rings and watches are mentioned in both quests about celestia, I predict there will be an emphasis on tinkering or engineering (crafting will take on a new importance there). If celestia is based in the sky, I predict it will be cold based. If celestia is based in the heavens, I predict it will be storm based. Since Mr. Rowley says, "antique," I'm predicting Celestia is an old world that has ancient beginnings and that it started to form before the world broke apart and that it is the farthest world out in the spiral. I also predict that it will be the home of the great raven, who is the sister of Bartleby, that she landed there at the farthest point of the spiral after spinning it with her magic and Bartleby's roots. I predict that the armor sets will all look similar to the current top PvP gear, but there will be many more fashion choices.

And that's about all the guesses I can give you. When Celestia finally comes out, I'm excited to see how close or far off my predictions are. :-) No one really knows and Kingsisle is famously tight-lipped about information. However, when it does comes out, BOOM! Wizard101 will come alive with excitement, and you will want to be there when it does.

Happy Dueling.


Alia Lotuspetal said...

Yes! The Hyde Park dog! I have a picture over at my blog.

jesse nightshade said...

hmm what I want to know is what is celestia going to be based on and if celestia comes what school would it be based on? I was guessing myth if it's based on greek mythology if takes place on the sky or mountains or both it be based on the ground maybe a town near by then there be a gate way to the heavens hehe.

Jessica said...

Celestia could be cold based, or it's just air based. Who knows, there could be an air school! I love air! *Blows at computer* Stormy would kinda make it more troubling than if it was ice based, which would probably make it more evil with big M's ghost and stuff. But still, the other worlds aren't so troubling and evil, so I root for ICY!

Alex Deathshade said...

i hope that celestia is coming soon because i am so stoked about it!!!!!!
i googled it and found that celestia is a space ship and is soon being launched.
it is also a conjunction of many things in space (if you dont know what a conjunction is it is a straight line made of planets or stars)

if kingsile does make it it should be a thing you can see in the sky of ds and mb. that would be awesome

Alex Deathshade said...
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Eric~ said...

Hey There Friendly!

I should have started reading your blog MONTHS ago, but I only learned about it today.

Anyhow, I've been one of those guilty parties contributing to the Celestial guesswork.

Interestingly, we came to some of the same conclusions (collectively) that you have on W101 Central in the last few weeks.

Among our work has been some translating of Norse Runes in Grizzleheim and serious thinking about Nidavellir's real purpose outside of a place for Jotun and his brothers to hang out.

Anyhow, I wonder if you think as I do that there's a much bigger plot arc out there than what Malistaire provided for. If so what would you guess is going on in the long term scheme of things?

Here's the link to the thread I started on W101 Central:

stingite said...

I will definitely check out that link, eric. :-) Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

i think you put much more thought into this than need be, most likely your predictions will be way off because of thinking about it too hard. Like about the missing jewelry, most likely just coinsidense that they were showing sneak peaks on quests and just happened to be about jewelery, and more that i think you spent too much time thinking about. more examples
great raven
storm or possably a new air element

no offense, i am just saying that too much thought was put into your blog

stingite said...

Thank you!

Here's my response anon:

Anonymous said...