Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ravenwood Radio is TONIGHT!

WOOTS! You know where to be tonight, right? No? Ok, so at 8PM central you need to clicky clicky on this link and join the fun in Ravenwood Radio's chat room as they broadcast live! Well, except for my segment that I pre-recorded. And I think Icywiz has a pre-recorded segment too. BUT, you can chat in the chatroom while that is going on.

Two weeks ago Steve and Leesha came out and chatted in the chatroom with everybody while the segments played, and there were about 20 people in the chatroom (including me). About a month ago there were 40 people in the chatroom, so it was a bit crazy. :-) Let's make this one INSANE! Yay! It should be too since they were recently featured on Wizard101's Facebook page.

Anyway, I won't give away what I talk about this time. :-)

Come and find out and join in the fun!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

On my blog I posted the times for all the US Time Zones if you wanted to know.

witchwarrior said...


Fred Firepants said...

Ooh that was fun, I tried to stop somebody from saying something inappropriate and got banned from the chatroom for saying "Shut it" =.= And the other person didn't get banned at all... And why did you send like one message? :P

stingite said...

Thanks for the chat last night and the fun at Ravenwood Radio!

@Fred: oh oh! /shrug I think Wolf had a hard job of moderating a chat room of 60 people. It sounds like a misunderstanding. I don't know what you mean about only sending one message. I was the guy in salmon-colored text making all the jokes?

Gregory Jerian said...
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Fred Firepants said...

Well maybe it's because I logged on at ten after and missed two thirds of the podcast :P