Thursday, February 18, 2010

*flap flap* *flap flap* *flap flap*

I'm going to be so tired by the end of today . . .

I woke up EXTRA early just to get a look at this stuff and buy my wings. HAHA! So much fun!

Here are the sale prices for today:

Yeah, you're going to want to buy this stuff when it's on sale. That probably means that the wings are going to be around 9,000 - 10,000 crowns when they aren't on sale. (They are +40% speed like the other mounts just fyi)

By the way, the new weapons are sick sick sick!

The wife is going to be so surprised when she logs in this morning and sees that I got her a little gift. :-) We'll call it a late Valentine's.

That hammer has a power pip on it and 5 cards . . . available to use at . . . wait for it . . . level 25!

But this weapon for us high level people here . . . the Cerulean Edge:

Yeah, that has a power pip and does 110 damage . . . making it the best sword in the game atm.

Interestingly enough, the weapon disappears when you talk. I'm not sure if I should call the glitch dog out on that or if it's working as intended . . . I'm temped to call out the glitch dog since your hand still looks like it's holding a weapon . . . and i just like the glitch dog so much . . . NAH, I'll cut 'em a break.

While I was running around this morning I ran into Edward Icespear and Cass . . . I let them know the true nature of how I got my newfound abilities:

Sadly, if you just want to try before you buy, the wings are not yet in zeke's shop . . . yet . . . I have a feeling they will be soon.

OH, and one more thing before I move on from this post . . .

That Ascendant Staff?

Yeah, that awesome looking thing there. (Alexandria looks so smarmy there, doesn't she? Holding this staff that she just looks like she has no business holding LOL.)

That thing there is a GAME CHANGER for level 1 - 25 characters (at which time they should switch to the hammer up there at the top of this post). It gives you a regular pip. I ain't kidding.

AMAZING! You use to not be able to get a pip boost like that until you were 30th level. THAT'S HUGE! HUGE! If you have this staff, the game just speeds up a little bit more for you. I'm just going to estimate here that that little pip right there is going to shave off about 45 seconds from each battle in krokotopia, digmoore station in Marleybone, and the post 5th level wizard city fights. Over time, that's going to save you a TON of time in the lower game. That staff should be the first piece of crown gear any new player gets HANDS DOWN! I'm actually kind of shocked about that staff. I kind of feel like passing out.


What are you doing still reading this? GO LOG ON!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Yep, they are freakin awesome...

Anonymous said...

Those wings are 7000 crowns? That's a lot. I want to get my hands on one if those wands, though.

Jessica Fairyheart

Sierra Starsong said...

When hubby woke me up this morning & said you could get wings for your mount, I thought he meant I could turn my pony into a Pegasus. :)

I'm sad that the new stuff's all crowns only, but if a boss somewhere drops them I sense a lot of farming in my future.

L. R. Jonté said...

My daughter gave up her allowance in a heartbeat to get some wings. I got mine too and I'm stupidly happy about that.

Edward Icespear said...

Hmm A late Valentine. Now how in the world did you come up with something like that. (You so smart!)


So I see that there is no part II to Briskbreeze Tower? Well come to think of it they did say and I quote
"These high level additions are just the beginning of new items that will be introduced to the Crowns Shop, because a young Wizard must be prepared for things to come...." So it might be coming sometime next month.

Well Later FN

David said...

I am new to the game, just hit 47 death wizard. I want to buy some of this gear but had some questions. Does it let you switch this gear to another character of yours? Or is it locked to the character that buys it.

Also, I noticed one of the weapons has a +1 golden pip. Does that mean it gives +1 to your power pip chance. Or does that mean it will give you a power pip at the start of a fight?

Also, since I am not a grandmaster yet... is there gear that is 50 only gear... or the 45+ gear the "highest" gear out there.

Sorry for all the questions... you would think that at 47 I would have figured this out, but I guess I just immersed myself in the story and didnt pay attention to the "power" items.

Garrett Dayhand said...

Yah lol the pwn. I was like trying to get in for half an hour to get the stuff while it was going in for maintentance. I was like the first person in the game to get the wings xd.

Anonymous said...

which bosses drop the wings?

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

@David: All that gear is transferable to your other characters, as long as they're on the same account. By putting them in your shared bank, any of your wizards can get to them.

That sword with the golden pip gives you an extra power pip at the start of every battle, as long as it's equipped.

And I'm pretty sure that some gear is level 50+ only, I'm just not sure what...


Tara Shadowwhisper said...

This is off topic, but have you seen USA's wins in the Olympics?

Sierra Starsong said...

According to the folks at Central, the Jade Oni drops both wings and the new weapons. So there's at least a chance, woot!

Tesh said...

Ooooh, that staff is sweet. I still want the old crown gear (I never completed the Judgement set), but this stuff looks nice.

...not enough to tempt me to buy at the moment, what with paying for a new house and all, but high on the list for when I do have cash to lob at King's Isle. :)

stingite said...

@MWS: :)

@jess: yeah :/ I'm kind of bummed the sword is death magic though.

@Sierra: LOL wings FOR your mount would be even more awesome. Rumors of Jade Oni and Kraysys have the wings are rampant.

@mythspent: haha! oh the joys of allowance and virtual spending. I have to stop my daughter so many times from dropping cash on stuff I just KNOW she will never play again online.

@edward shhh! Don't blow my cover!

@David: Kestrel answers most of your questions. Yes, there is level 50+ only gear. Most of them drop from the bosses in the final zones of Dragonspyre. Malistaire, for instance, has level 50 robes for every class. Yeva Spiderkeeper in Crystal Grove is frequently farmed for level 50 items. There's a big chart over on Central if you search for "illustrated Dragonspyre", then you'll find what you're looking for.

@Garret: gratz!

@Kestrel: thanks lady!

@Tara: yeah! We're rockin'!

@Sierra: there you go, answering your own questions . . . so you.

@Tesh: I need to get you on my friends list in game!

Anonymous said...

The wings are awesome. Wands with like 90 damage are really sweet, because today I ended blowing all my brothers crowns on wings and staffs just because I was a teeny bt jealous. My brother hasnt found out yet but if he does..... but thats not the point. Guys, listen up. Some people keep promising wings. The other day I heard an grandmaster who I really don't like was yelling, ″FREE WINGS FOR ANYONE WHO IS MEAN TO AMBER!!!″ to the whole entire Olde Town. Turns out, it was a scam and my dad ended up having a talk with the entire Olde Town. Just don't do it guys.
-Amber RosePetal

timma said...

Mixed feelings about the new staff/wands. They are definitely cool and will certainly help speed up the game as you said. It might get a little hairy in the arena for those who can't afford the crown gear. It means someone lvl 1-24 can get a pip advantage on me right from the start. If they go first, I could be staring a lethal wildbolt right in the eyes before I even get a turn. Oh well, something to look forward to. :)