Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's the point of Hildreth Perch?

Question from Liam:
Hey, Friendly. It's Liam F. I gots a question. What is the point of Hildreth Pertch? Is it like the final Ice Quest? Please reply!
Well Hildreth Pertch sounded familiar, but I didn't know right off the top of my head, so I did a couple of web searches and found out that Hildreth "Pertch" (it's actually "Perch") is a place, not a person . . . or is it?

Hildreth Perch is that little ledge to the right of the entrance to the Gobbler King's Palace. (you know, kind of near where you found the smith for your Wizard City Zeke quest, y'all.)

It appears this question was asked over at in their forums already, and it sounds like perhaps at one time there was an icon for an NPC near Hildreth Perch.

Now, the hidden trainer that's by Mindy Pixiecrown is named Mildreth . . . it just leads one to believe that perhaps Hildreth could be the sister of Mildreth, no? There are kooky parents out there who like to rhyme their kids' names, sure!

Also, you are absolutely correct that Hildreth Perch is an area used in the final level 48 ice quest! It appears as though Professor Greyrose asks you to go there to summon an ice titan.

Myrna longs for a frost giant spell in her spellbook. (She's only level 33 right now)

Oh, one more thing: Notice that when you approach the perch, it tells you that it's "Hildreth's Perch" and on the map it tells you it's "Hildreth Perch" . . . methinks they either need to drop the apostrophe S in one or add it to the other. /wink BUT if it *is* Hildreth's Perch, then perhaps Hildreth is an NPC that they removed from the game? Interesting.

Thanks for the question!

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

Jenna: YAY! I cant wait to go there for my lvl forty eight spell!

Anonymous said...

actualy i was just there getting my level 38 spell for Iceblade so you go to that perch long before level 48

Sierra Starsong said...

I need to dig up my pics from that quest again, looks like it got lost from the wikia at some point.

David Frostcrafter said...

As "Anonymous" said you get that spell at level 38, odd enough I was level 37 when I read this post last night, so I quickly leveled up and took many screen shots of the quest, view my blog to see them at

Anonymous said...

The only reason for Hildreth Perch is that it is where Thaumaturges go at the end of a lot of their quest spells. Period. End of story. No other purpose except that.