Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where can I get me some of that hydra awesomeness?

Question from Destiny Nightrider, who is a Necromancer:
Have not wrote you in a while, cause guess things have been good up until now. My question for you is where can I get a hydra (I believe they are called). It is the three headed dragon. I got a gift card a while back and it showed the hydra on the card but when I logged on to the site to redeem it, they were telling everyone to hold off because a really good pet was coming so I waited. While it is a good one, I really wanted the hydra so do you know of an amulet, boss or place where I can purchase one? I really appreciate any assistance on this you can give me.

Well, I have some bad news for you . . . that card shows a hydra, but it really isn't a hydra pet that comes with it. I know the card you're talking about because I've bought one in the past too, but it just shows a little graphic of a hydra on the card to look cool, not because you're going to get a hydra pet. Kingsisle lists all the cards and the associated pets that come with them over on this webpage. Be sure to check that page often to see what the current pet is going to give as its benefit. (Btw, the toy dragon card from the Toy's R Us gift card is currently giving out a pet with a hex card on it . . . oh man, that's what I'd want if I was buying right now!)

The only way to get a hydra pet that I know of is to be a level 48 balance wizard and finish the level 48 balance spell quest.

Now, if you just want to have the hydra spell, that's different. I can help you there. The Jade Oni drops an amulet called the Jade Oni's Amulet of Duplicity. You might even see that in the bazaar. The drawback? You have to be level 35 to use it. Also, hydra is available to be learned at level 42 if you go all the way up the balance school line for your secondary.

One more thing, for all you old school peeps, there used to be a couple pieces of crown clothing that had a hydra on it. Kyle used to wear them around, but now the wife's balance character, Iridian, is sporting them!

That's why she kind of looks like a big purple and blue mess right now! :-) Actually, I kind of like that look on her character. Awesomeness.

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

She really must be kidding.

She actually believed that she could get a hydra pet if she's not a lvl 48+ sorcerer?

Pete's sake its gift cards get on the site and read the pets that come along w/ it!

Charles Raven said...

Or she could farm the Jade Oni.

Garrett Dayhand said...

friendly. Jade oni drops Jade Oni's Amulet of Duplicity which gives the spell hydra. Just to let you know. You should edit the post

smvb said...

All the gift cards that I have purchased come with the pet that is shown on the card. I didn't realize that there was one that did not. I wouldn't expect to get a hydra card with the pet, though. I always check the web page mentioned above to see what kind of boost I'll be getting before redeeming a card.

M.W.S said...

Man, KI is giving few balance spells w/ their pets a hex srsly?

What's next a balanceblade a fire trap? Ugh...

stingite said...

@MWS: No, I could see how it would be confusing. Have you seen the art on the card? It's like a little hydra guy blasting the corner of the card, where it says "free pet!"

@Charles and Garrett: I'm confused. I say this in my article, "The Jade Oni drops an amulet called the Jade Oni's Amulet of Duplicity. You might even see that in the bazaar. The drawback? You have to be level 35 to use it." Is that not clear enough? Maybe I need to say the word "farm" to make it more clear? /boggle

@smvb: I may have to go on a hunt to show the card graphic.

@MWS x2: hehe. /comfort . . . if your class's spells just weren't so darn useful for the rest of us. :-)

smvb said...

I found a picture of the card here, although the information on the page is outdated: Gift Card Pets

I see that it has a colossus-type pet picture in the corner, but that someone might think they were getting a hydra from the background picture. I actually bought a couple of these recently.