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Is there a walkthrough for the Throne Room of Fire?

Question from Terri Trollblood on a Krokotopia instance:
Do you have a step by step walkthough to the throne room of fire and it's bosses for a level 19 necromacer (meaning what spell to use and when to use it). Please don't call me a noob!
I love the Throne Room of Fire instance in Krok! I love it because it reminds me of Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. I own a whip because of that movie. *SNAP*

Thank goodness there's already a walkthrough:

Actually there is a walkthrough over on Central: click me! However, my faithful answer buddy, Sierra Starsong, has taken it upon herself to improve upon this guide, so without further adeui . . . take it away Sierra!


In the main Pyramid room, go up the stairs to the right. The Throne Room is in the back, with entrances on either side.

When you start the dungeon, you'll get a quest to talk to Professor Winthrop in the Map Room. Winthrop sends you to get the Serpent Staff from Prince Manu Nirini.

Hugging the right-hand wall (orange arrows), follow it around to a book surrounded by four braziers. Half of the braziers burn ice blue, the other half are storm purple. The book says the door won't open until they all burn red.

Go to each of the braziers and hit X to change colors until they're all firey reddish orange.

This opens the door to the Prince.

Prince Manu Nirini - Fire - Rank 3 Boss - 550 Health

Krokomummy - Death - Rank 3 Elite - 435 Health

(I went in alone, larger groups may see more Krokomummies with the Prince.)

Once he's defeated, turn around and head back along the orange arrows (that same wall is on your left now) to Winthrop.

Next Winthrop sends you to retrieve the Eye of Krok from Krokenkahmen.

The gate is down so you'll need to go the long way around (yellow arrows). You should be fine as long as you hug the walls.

You'll come to another closed door, with four obelisks around the Book of Two Suns. Following the book's instruction, turn on both Sun Obelisks and turn off the Moon ones to open this door.

Krokenkahmen is a wandering boss, somewhere in the purple dotted lines. (If you have Names on, watch for the purple one.)

Krokenkahmen - Fire - Rank 4 Boss - 695 Health

Depending on where you catch him, he'll be with some combination of these two:

Nirini Ancient Guard - Death - Rank 3 Elite - 450 Health

Nirini House Guard - Fire - Rank 3 Elite - 435 Health

Once Krokenkahmen is defeated, head back to Professor Winthrop in the Map Room again. (The final gate will be open now so it won't take quite as long to get back.)

Go to the top front of the platform and use the completed staff as Winthrop says. Just like Indy's map room, the staff reflects the light to reveal the Order of the Fang's secret location.

Winthrop asks you to meet him back in the main room of the Pyramid. Congratulations, Indy! er, Wizard!

A side note for you Collectors out there, Prince Manu Nirini can drop a statue (a seated fire krok) and Krokenkahmen drops this Inferno Cat pet with card.


Thanks, Sierra! Awesome guide!

For the other part of your question, personally, I say you should stick with your death spells and avoid casting from outside your class . . . even though you're coming up against a few Death wizards in this instance. At level 19 you should try to stick with vampire for most of your damage.

You can do this two ways when you fight death wizards:

1- Death shield on yourself, death prism on the target, death blade on yourself, vampire to defeat the target.


2- Death shield on yourself, death blade, death trap, vampire to defeat the target. (In other words, because you are only facing level 3 mobs, their resists are a little low, so you can still defeat them even without a prism)

Take out the minion in all cases (or "both cases" for this instance . . . it's a short instance truth be known). The minion may try to cast a weakness on you, so bring a wand to take it off and leave your death blade on (like a life wand).

If the minion doesn't take out your death shield you put on yourself, cast a sacrifice on yourself to regain your health. Otherwise, use a pixie.

Next take out the boss. Both bosses in this instance are fire wizards, so fire shields work . . . kind of . . . at this level, they are really fond of using fire elf, which makes fire shields a little pointless.

Prince Manu Nirini will require a death blade and a death trap before defeating him with a Vampire.

Krokenkahmen will require a death blade, death trap, and a curse before defeating him with a Vampire.

This deck setup was plenty to complete the instance.

Go for one shot kills and you'll be in business. ;-) How's that for overkill on a question? I love it!

Happy Dueling!


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