Thursday, February 4, 2010

Player Trading Card of the Day--Fred Firepants

OH man . . . Fred Firepants is ON THE ATTACK NOW! DUCK AND COVER!

haha! I couldn't fit everything he wanted me to put on the card, so here's what he sent me:
Wizard Name: Fred FirePants
Wizard School: Fire
Level: 41
Favorite Spell: Frost Beetle! (It pwns and it's so epic cute <3)
Favorite Saying: GAH! MORE PEOPLE! (whenever some random GM from central teleports to one of my friends)
Goal: To get a mount (only 48,000 gold to go xD)
Advice: It doesn't matter if your friends are all begging you not to do it, using a wand spell to ruin everyones feint/hex/curse/traps might net you a wand spell record!
Favorite title: ...?
Made up title of your own: Fly fool, fly! And if you can't fly, glide, fool, glide!

oh man, I'm imagining someone laying down like five bucks real money on a very complicated row of Bartleby traps and Fred ports into the group armed with a wand. HAHA!

/shakes head

Happy Dueling!


Fred Firepants said...

o: I've been immortalized in PAPER EPICNESS

Samantha Drake-Roseheart said...

Fred, I hope you never do that to me.

The Helpful Sorcerer said...

When can I have a card?

Camerondeathbreaker the pyromancer said...

lol how do you get a card