Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A thank you note for Friendly and . . . videos? facebook?

Hey! Got a nice note here from Natalie Moonblade:
Hello Friendly,

It's Natalie. Natalie Moonblade. You probably know em from over at Central. Well...I've decided to start a blog, and I want to say thank you. You were the one who inspired me to make my blog, to even write about Wizard101. Now, my days of pretending to have a blog on Microsoft word are over, and I've started a real blog. The first time I ever heard of Wizard101 blogs, yours was the first one I viewed. My blog is here: http://adventuresofnataliemoonblade.blogspot.com/
My blog is not much right now, but after I get used to using my blog, hopefully it will be a great one.

Go ahead and feature this e-mail on your blog. Maybe you'll inspire more people, I think you will.

So anyways, thank you, very much, for inspiring me.

Thanks Natalie for the kind note and you're welcome! I'm glad I could help you and I'm even more glad to hear that you've switched from journaling your adventures offline to journaling online with a blog.

I've linked to your site and added you to the bloggers club.

Well as long as I have you in the spotlight, on your site right now you have a post asking about how to advertise more about your website, and you ask this question:
Should I start a Youtube account? I think that would help a lot, but the only thing is...I don't have any Hypercam. Is it worth downloading? How about a Facebook?

Youtube videos are a great start to getting some exposure, but more importantly, you may discover a hidden talent for putting together a good video. It's one thing to record a video clip of something, but it's another to make it an awesome experience for the viewer.

I've never used Hypercam, but I have used Fraps and the X-fire video tool. I'm sold on X-fire. It's free. It's easy to use. There's no annoying label on the videos. There's no capture length limit. So, since it works so great for me, X-FIRE FTW!

You also mentioned using Facebook . . . you know, I should probably make a group page for The Friendly Necromancer over on Facebook, similar to how Wizard101 has a group page. I don't know though . . . I feel spread thin as it is. But if you have the time and commitment to do that, then more power to ya!

I actually do have a facebook entry for my character. Thomas Lionblood has no friends LOL. I made that page so I could help with the Dangerhound fan count. ;-)

I hardly ever log in though. /shrug

Anyway, thanks again for the note, and I wish you the best of luck with your blogging endeavors!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Me neither regarding facebook. Wow my first poll( about which blogger inspired me to start blogging) you inspired me there big time buddy.

I had tons of balance treasure cards for everybody w/ the right answer. *shrug* too baad no one came to actually accept the gifts...

Yea, I've checked out her blog she's gonna big a huge success Friendly...

Natalie Moonblade said...

X-fire doesn't give you an "X-fire toolbar" when you install the program, right?
That's what happened when I tried Hypercam an hour ago...

Matthew said...

x-fire has an optional toolbar that only appears when you press scroll lock+x. To record it's scroll lock+v and to take a screenshot it's scroll lock+s. I'm pretty sure there's others too, but those are the ones I use. You can also change the recording resolution and fps in the x-fire menu.

Matthew said...

in addition, x-fire allows you to broadcast live over the internet (a feature that i have not yet tried)

Anonymous said...

I want to know how you take videos on your computer????

Brianna Morgan said...

and does it save to my videos or my documents? I am the one who also posted how do you take videos on your cmputer.

Matthew said...

when using x-fire it saves to the "My Videos" folder. I'm pretty sure that this can be changed, but that's the default

Anonymous said...

Do you need permission from KI to post wizard 101 videos on you tube