Friday, February 12, 2010

Aliens have invaded the Spiral!

The Spiral King is out to stump the dummy . . . and for the most part he has. Since his e-mail to me is so complex, I'm going to try to break down his questions one by one and do my best to answer or avoid answering them all:

ok so friendly i no you have been busy caus i look on your blog nearly everyday but i got many questions ok so first off why is there a battle circle by lady oriel and before you enter the great trolls tower.

I blame the aliens. There really is no other explanation.

second i have found areas where i think they could have been left out is it a quest first off there the area by the for bosses in the plaza,and in the labryinth there is a secret dragon orb does that open if you dont no what i mean well as your walking to fight zora andor and the other girl before you get to the street take a left and walk over to the other orb it seems there is a another walkway.

Once again, the handiwork of aliens is afoot.

There really is no other explanation.

next i have seen some weird spotting recetly i have seen a pixie pet with no name wandering the regent square i have also seen a minotar in the rockgarden in mooshu and there is also a unicorn in my home now i no that there is a boss in mb that drops a pixie pet and he is secret there is also a secret boss in mooshu that drops a minotaur are they giving other people that dont no hints

They all sound like aliens to me. (Actually, the sprite and minotaur sound like a glitch . . . like someone found a way to disappear and make their pet stay visible, kind of like I did with ben in this thread. The unicorn I've talked about before too.)
also i have heard a rumor that some of the lvl 58 spells are griffon myth harpy death maticore balance basilisk fire tree lord life ice yeti and storm hurricane is that true

I always believe all rumors when they deal with such alien spell names such as these! (but definitely creative as far as rumors go . . . perhaps it comes from this thread on central where people were being creative.)
also i heard celestia is going to be a under water world with a triton statue in the commons shooting lighting into the air causing the world to be a storm water world i heard that from another blog.

Aliens. (creative aliens nonetheless! This thread gives TONS of Celestia theories)
also there was a rumor that there is a secret school in mooshu called chi and they train treasure cards.

Sounds awfully like the work of aliens to me. (probably a rumor from here.)
well i got more questoins but i will ask you later k these where question i couldnt anwser on my blog so i reffered them to you.

Well, even if I don't know the answers to most of these, maybe one of my readers can conjure up an explanation or two. bonus points are given if the explanation involves some form of alien intelligence.
ps i have trouble finding my blog on the internet how come it doesnt show up

It's because the aliens are blocking you. /nod

(I have no idea. Have you researched any on how to increase site traffic and visibility? Google is your friend! Respect it!)

Happy Dueling!


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SorionHex said...

It's quite logical actually. The aliens are planning to come to Wizard 101 to guide us in the ways of Astral Magic. And anyone who knows of their plan is next. Maybe you shouldn't read thi... - muffled sounds and alien beeps -

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Hey, have you noticed that in the village of sorrow (maybe not the right name, but wherever oyotomi is), there's a place on the map that you simply can't get to? Definitely aliens.

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Stephanie said...

That is no surprise to me there. Perhaps there will even be a world of space and stars where, perhaps, these aliens come from. Btw, I'm spending my last minutes of the year, according to lunar calendar, on Friendly's site. Isn't that nice? (:

stingite said...

Bonus points for all for mentioning aliens!

*scatters bonus points in the air*


M.W.S said...

Aliens are invading the Spiral! Every powerful wizard and witch count protect the worlds of the spiral and their magic!

Anonymous said...

ya know that the one in the labyrinth probably was left of by a really really early quest or was changed for a commercial, i know it is changed now and that orb and that pathway is gone but on one of the wizard101 commercials it shows all of the orbs in the labyrinth activated in one scene and the doors open, so maybe they changed it to shoot the commercial and then made it normal again later, if you look at one of the commercials you can pause and see