Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bailey and Molly Enter Dragonspyre!

So when my wife and I play this game together, I usually sit over on the hard kitchen chair playing on the laptop and I give up the nice cooshie computer chair and the nice computer with the wide screen to her. She is queen of the game when we play together. And I do this with such joy in my heart because it's awesome she's actually playing a videogame by my side.

To be quite honest, way back here when heck froze over, I had no idea that someday we'd be entering Dragonspyre together.

Bailey chucked out a firezilla card to end the Jade Oni.

And then before you know it, Cyrus had been defeated and Bailey was givin' a shout out to Molly in Dragonspyre, getting her free housing item and everything! GO GIRL!

Bailey is now level 42 and she has me singing her this song by the band level 42 . . . can't get it out of my head now actually . . . dang 80's.

LEVEL 42 WOOT! (I love how the guitar player pretty much just hangs out until the end where he gets to do his guitar solo LOL)

I'm so looking forward to defeating Malistaire by her side. :-) It's all about Bailey! She's amazing.


Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

gratz, you too!
Good luck with all those painful towers!

Amber RosePetal said...

Good job. But like the WitchWarrior said, good luck with all the towers! :P

Christina said...

I wish Mikey CrankyPants was as cool as Mrs. Friendly. Or even as cool as me ...

David said...

I got an account for my wife and son, we will see how it goes. She played toontown forever and liked it (well except that you could only ever have 4 quests at once.)