Monday, February 22, 2010

Where can you farm the new crown items?

You all are crown item crazy, you know that? I got three separate questions boom boom boom all in a row asking me pretty much the same thing:

First Blake asked:
Hey friendly me (BlakeStrongStone) and cassandra have been farming some bosses for those wings and just cant seem to get them I was wondering if you knew where excatly to get them.

Then Destiny Stormstone
Hi Friendly!! At, I saw that wings can be dropped from high level bosses. Do you know what bosses them? Many people told me that Lord Nightshade drops wings.

Then I got this from (I believe) Luke Goldflame:
do you know who drops most of the new crown gear?

Ok, so I don't have any secret inside knowledge on this subject, but I can tell you what I know.

This is the thread to watch over at Central for breaking information on where to farm the new stuff. If you click on that link, then what you'll see is that at this point it's mostly rumors.


ahem, sorry about that.

Also from reading that thread you'll see a link to the website, where our community manager doesn't cough up where the wings are, but where they are not:


This actually led to this big let down thread. This thread makes me sad. How many times did *you* farm the jade oni?

You know, I thought it was at the Jade Oni's place too, and this confuses me since I had a friend of mine tell me he DID get wings off of the Jade Oni.

Well, I tell ya what. It's ok. People are farming everything and anything right now to get those wings. Is it possible after my friend's six-hour gaming stretch (yes, six hours in a row) he saw he had gotten the drop from another boss and thought it was the Jade Oni. /shrug So, I'm going to cut him some slack. No biggie. We're all humans. We all make mistakes.

Is it possible Kiersten Samwell is wrong? Well, she also is human, but she's one of those humans that has access to inside information. :-) I seriously doubt she's wrong (I've counted on her answers many many times). Either way, those threads would be the threads to watch.

When I hear "high level" bosses, my mind goes to one place . . . Malistaire, the Gurtoks, and Tumok Gravelbeard. I'd try there first before anything.

I'd also check all the bosses that drop level 50 gear, so Kraysys, Yeva Spiderkeeper, Viktor Snowcrusher, The Hoarder, Devora Shadowcrown, Boris Blackrock, Orin Grimcaster, Zora Steelwielder, Valeska Redwind, Property Master, Gallium Paladin, Avalanche, Giant Homonculous, Ivan Soulslinger, and Silver Sentinel . . . those guys.

Also remember this . . . those wings are a 10,000 crown item (currently on sale for 7,000 crowns). The drop rate on those is going to be very small. That's basically $20 real money. If you farm up the wings, you're either insanely lucky or you earned them. That's going to be a lot of hard work, on a game. just remember that.

Don't get too hung up on this, and if I get any breaking news, I'll let you know . . . until then . . .

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

There is also a glitch where you can buy the new cronw items w/ 2000 gold! My friends yesterday did it... Also confirmed by Jessica fairyheart.

Also the jade oni does drop all that stuff my friend got it after 6 hours too!

Anonymous said...

Glitch confirmed by me too.

David Frostcrafter said...

Confirmed, also this glitch works on the new sword, staff, and the "hammer"

Fallon Shadowblade said...

The glitch you speak of is known by KI and is in the process of being fixed. I wouldn't expect to keep those items bought with this "bug".

Alicey said...

My husband pulled the new fire hammer from one of the Gurtoks on the day it came out. I don't have a screenshot but I was there when it happened! He also pulled the hat with sandstorm on it from Tumok the same day. So you are correct in thinking that the Gurtoks and Tumok drop at least some of the new stuff.

I have been farming Viktor Snowcrusher for days and nobody I'm with has received any of the new stuff from him yet.

Good luck to anybody farming!


Camerondeathbreaker the pyromancer said...

hehe i want the bat wings